VN film productions prioritise safety amid pandemic

August 19, 2020 - 10:27

Many Vietnamese movies have seen their production or release postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The production crew of TV drama Chống Lại Số Phận complies with all anti-pandemic regulations. — Photo courtesy of

 HCM CITY — Many Vietnamese movies have seen their production or release postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The release of Tiệc Trăng Máu, originally slated for August 18, has been delayed until further notice.

“Due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to reconsider the release date of Tiệc Trăng Máu to ensure the highest success rate and, more importantly, public safety,” a spokesperson for Lotte Entertainment, the producer of Tiệc Trăng Máu, was quoted as saying by Sài Gòn Giải Phóng (Liberated Sài Gòn) newspaper.

Other films like Ròm, Chồng Người Ta, Bí Mật Của Gió, Lật Mặt 5: 48h, Chị Mười Ba: 3 Ngày Sinh Tử, and Trạng Tí also experienced delay in movie release.

The pandemic has posed challenges to the production of TV series too.

According to Phan Mộng Thuý, head of Phương Nam Films (PNF), the production crew of Người Vợ Khôn Ngoan had to recently suspend the film’s shoot. 

Besides the unfortunate incident that actor Huỳnh Đông met, PNF also decided to postpone the filming to keep the crew, especially young actors, safe from COVID-19.

“It is most important to protect people’s health,” Thuý said.

Meanwhile, the production crew of TV drama Chống Lại Số Phận has been trying to speed up filming of the final 11 episodes.

“Many set-ups cannot be used due to the pandemic, so the crew now has to reschedule everything,” director Nhâm Minh Hiền said.

Lương Đình Dũng, director of another TV drama, 578: Phát Đạn Của Những Kẻ Điên, said the shoot has been delayed since it is difficult to get experts from South Korea, France and the US to Việt Nam at the moment and help with it.

Director Nguyễn Phương Điền wrote on his Facebook page that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans to schedule the audition for his upcoming movie has now been delayed.

At a recent press conference held to launch the movie Yêu Trong Đau Thương, artist Lê Mạnh, deputy director of the Việt nam Television Film Production Centre (VFC), said five movies are in their early production stages and affected by the pandemic.

VFC has to replan their filming schedules to ensure the safety of the crews, he said.

According to Hiền, his production team scrupulously follows epidemic prevention regulations.

“We are making some changes to the script since shooting locations are now changed.”

The crew also prioritises filming at basic set-ups so that the number of crew members on the set does not exceed 30.

None of his team is F1 or F2, he said, adding that despite having their scheduled changed several times, members are very supportive of each other. — VNS