Plastic waste meets its match in youth union, ethnic minority communities in Lai Châu

August 07, 2021 - 08:46
Responding to the movement "Against plastic waste" launched by the Youth Union of Lai Châu Province, the Youth Union of Phong Thổ District has been coordinating with the Sin Suối Hồ Commune's young people to organise the campaign "Exchange plastic waste for gifts".


Sin Suối Hồ Commune's children come together to pick up used plastic bottles. VNA/VNS Photo 

LAI CHÂU — In response to the movement "Against plastic waste" launched by the Youth Union of Lai Châu Province, the Youth Union of Phong Thổ District launched their own sub-campaign "plastic for gifts". 

It sought to encourage young people in Sin Suối Hồ Commune to collect plastic waste that could be exchanged for gift packs that included Lifebuoy antibacterial soap, hand sanitiser, and medical masks.

The 10-day campaign started on July 21.

First implemented in Lai Châu Province, the campaign aimed to change the habits of local people and encourage the sorting of waste at the source.

Many ethnic minority people brought plastic items such as bottles, and baskets used for packaging to exchange.

Đào Đức Định, Secretary of the Phong Thổ District's Youth Union said: "This campaign helps raise local people's awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste, towards the total elimination of plastic waste.”

“We also want to guide local people toward changing their habit of using plastic products and help them to realise the benefits of keeping the environment clean, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Holding a gift bag in her hand, Sùng Thị Ké, 40, happily said that like many local people she was guided by Youth Union members. Her family picked up plastic bottles on the road and at home, then took them to the community house to exchange.

Hảng Thị Nú, 50, said "I find this programme is very useful and helps discourage people from littering, and at the same time we receive necessary household goods during the pandemic.”

At first, many people didn't know about the campaign, but words spread quickly.

Everyone in the village collected plastic, both at home and in street, and took it to be exchanged.

In particular, the children were excited and came together to help, Nú said.

After 10 days, more than 120 kg of plastic of all kinds was collected.

The youth union will help sell the used plastic, and the money will be transferred to the commune authorities to help fund COVID-19 prevention measures, provincial Youth Union's Secretary Đào Đức Định, said.

"Promoting taking an active role in the community and the spirit of volunteering among young people, the Youth Union will continue to spread the model to all 16 communes and towns in Phong Thổ District as well as the whole province," he said.

"Thereby, contributing to building awareness, positive attitudes and environmentally-friendly actions in the communities in the highlands.” —VNS