Vietnamese rice must increase brand recognition in ASEAN

ASEAN has been a huge potential market for Vietnamese rice, and export firms should have a strategy to expand in the market of nearly 700 million people with similarities in culture and lifestyles, Nguyễn Thị Thu Thủy, Deputy Director of Export Support Centre under the Việt Nam Trade Promotion Agency has said.

Banks may not be affected much by corporate bond issuance scam: analysts

In early April the State Securities Commission of Việt Nam decided to cancel nine bond issuances worth VNĐ10.03 trillion (US$439 million) made by the Tân Hoàng Minh Group between July 2021 and March 2022 forfiling false information and concealing information about a private placement.

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Inflation storm forecast this year

Analysts said inflation has hit many economies around the world, with the situation going from bad to worse, and Việt Nam is no exception with an inflation storm expected in the near future.

Business Beat

Banks begin to hike deposit interest rates

Faced with the likelihood of inflation, banks have to increase their deposit interest rates to ensure positive real interest rates to prevent depositors from withdrawing their money and investing it in other assets like securities and real estate.