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VinSmart smartphones go on sale in the US

Update: February, 23/2021 - 10:27

Many phone models manufactured by VinSmart are currently sold in the US, according to recent data provided by AT&T on new models sold in the US. Bloomberg (USA) and Nikkei (Japan) published articles last October revealing that VinSmart had received a contract order from the leading US network operator - AT&T for two million smartphones.

Specifically, since January 2021, 3 models with ID V340U, V341U and V350U by manufacturer VinSmart are officially sold by AT&T.

AT&T also revealed information on its official e-commerce website about the three latest models manufactured by VinSmart named Fusion Z (V340U), Motivate (V341U) and Maestro Plus (V350U). As a practice of AT&T, all of its phone models are attached with the manufacturer's ID to enable customers to easily look up the product quality through this ID on all reputable certification websites in the US market.

Figure 1: A list of AT&T-branded phones with product ID that are distributed on its homepage.

Comparing product ID data on websites of FCC and PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) for certified products, VinSmart products exactly match the codes provided on AT&T website.

This proves that a Vietnamese-branded smartphone manufacturer has officially set foot in the US market.

Figure 2: List of manufacturers with certified phone models for mobile network operation in North America.

All three models Maestro Plus, Motivate and Fusion Z have a bright and sharp 6.0 HD + display especially when experiencing with AT&T ecosystem and AT&T TVs. Additionally, they are all equipped with Qualcomm chips, quad-core processors, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi speeds and Android 10 operating system (Go version).

Currently, AT&T is selling and distributing the three models namely Fusion Z (V340U), Motivate (V341U) and Maestro Plus (V350U) at prices ranging from US$39 to US$89 at its stores and subsidiary Cricket, along with other major partners, including supermarket chain Walmart.

Figure 3: 3 VinSmart phone models are widely distributed by AT&T throughout the US.

Besides these 3 phone models, the entry into the US market of Vietnamese brands may not stop there as FCC listed 10 phone models that have passed the quality tests for official sale in the US. VinSmart is preparing an ambitious plan for launching a variety of phone models to cover all customer segments in the market.

Figure 4: List of VinSmart's 10 phone models passing rigorous quality tests and certified by FCC.

Notably, the list revealed by FCC named a phone model with ID code V740S. Comparing technical specifications, V740S is Vsmart Aris phone model. It is conclusive evidence for VinSmart representative’s statement that the Company will bring the best quality and prestigious products to the US, including Vsmart Aris and Vsmart Aris Pro.

It is clear that VinSmart has kept its words by successfully cooperating with the leading US network operator. The plan of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong has initially come true, officially setting Vietnam’s foot on the "international playing field" and contributing to changing the global perception of Vietnam as a poor and backward country. This country is now recognised on international markets for its product quality, especially in the US - the world's largest economy.

From AT&T, FCC and PTCRB




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