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‘Clean from farm to table’, Nam An’s business philosophy

Update: August, 18/2020 - 10:07

Careful selection of products, strict control and attentive customer service are the daily practices that Nam An International Investment Co., Ltd has diligently preformed for the last six years to establish the Nam An Market brand.

“We understand that the closed production process from farming and harvesting to storage, packaging and transporting greatly impacts the quality of the products,” said a Nam An Market executive.


Nam An Market store at 303 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, Ward 1, Tân Bình District.

So, right on the first day, the company set up a program to support farming households and farmers with capital and seeds, guiding them about safe farming and buying all their output at 15-25 percent higher than market prices, to help reassure the stability of their farm.

Vegetables and fruits are harvested very early every day, get semi-processed, wrapped in paper, packed in cold boxes, and transported from Đà Lạt and Mekong Delta at 3am to Nam An Market stores in HCMC

In the city the agricultural products are once again carefully checked and preserved by Nam An to ensure the best quality when they reach customers.

In season fresh fruits and vegetables are prioritized during the selection process and are displayed in special storage facilities. This is to enable the highest quality products for our customers ‘from farm to table’.

Besides fruits and vegetables, customers at Nam An Market are always impressed to find many spices in store as well as specialties from all over the world such as plant-based meats, eggless sauces, vegetable proteins, digestive drinks, and a wide variety of food for vegetarians, vegans and other dieters.

Consistent quality
All products must go through a strict selection process based on the following criteria: reputed brand, no harmful substances, safety, nutrition, clear disclosure of ingredients, origin, and standards (in English and Vietnamese).

All products are grown to organic or GlobalGap standards, checked, trialed, and have their origins traced all the way from planting to post-harvest processes.

Only those products that qualify are selected for sale at Nam An Market stores.

Products are inspected every day. Additionally, two to three times a week; the control division takes random samples for trialing.

With such a diligent control process, products with poor quality are instantly discovered, and when they are, the company notifies the supplier for a recall of their products, and stops buying products from that supplier if there are no measures taken for improvement.

Product quality is also guaranteed by preservation. The stores are equipped with modern preservation equipment used in the high-end food business.

Steps such as sterilization and food hygiene are regular features with professional procedures and specialized equipment. As a result, during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, business activities continued at Nam An Market since customers trust the products that are sold.

Besides fruits and vegetables, customers at Nam An Market are always impressed to find many spices in store as well as specialties from all over the world.

Interacting with customers

With the aim of supplying products that are healthy, safe for users and meet the demand of fastidious customers with deep knowledge of food quality, Nam An Market, besides ensuring product quality, constantly invests in services and human resources.

Its grocery stores often interact with customers in the form of carrying out customer surveys after a purchase and all feedback from customers are updated and processed immediately.

Nam An's staff are trained to offer customers an enjoyable experience. Besides, they are incentivized in terms of salary, bonuses, profit sharing, and financial accumulation for loyal employees.

Most of the staff can communicate in English with shoppers. Most customers buying at Nam An Market are foreigners who trust the service and products sold at its stores.

To satisfy customers and make it convenient for them in all conditions, Nam An Market has invested large amounts of money in its e-commerce website,, over the last three years.

The portal is modern, handles over 200 orders a day and quickly addresses shopping requests from customers.

The products are delivered within 30 minutes to a maximum of two hours, which helps customers’ convenience amid the pandemic, which has disrupted their daily lives. 

Over six years, with relentless effort, Nam An Market has created trust and provided innumerable culinary experiences to customers.

It has entrenched its position in the retail market and has become a familiar address to many customers in HCM City.


Nam An Market has three stores in HCMC: at 21 Thảo Điền in District 2; 303 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, Ward 1, Tân Bình District; and 6 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Đakao Ward, District 1.

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