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Water distillation system using solar radiation installed at secondary school

Update: May, 07/2019 - 09:00

On the occasion of 65th anniversary of the Điện Biên Phủ history, on May 7, teachers and students of Mường Mùn ethnic minority secondary school, in Tuần Giáo district the northern province of Điện Biên, oganised the inauguration ceremony of the Water Distillation System using solar radiation.

This solar water distillation system is manufactured by F Cubed & funded by Covestro Vietnam Co Ltd & through Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. 

Earlier in March this year, Covestro and Blue Dragon, a charity presenting in Điện Biên province from the end of 2011, started the installation of the solar water filtration system for the school, which consists of 10 water distillation plates using solar radiation, capable of producing 250 liters of clean water every day, with sufficient solar radiation. The sponsors also trained a number of school teachers to operate the system.

Mường Mùn semi-boarding school has 672 students, of which 65 students are living in the school domitory.

Vũ Tiến Dũng, the school's principal said that the school initially had two water filters, but one had been broken. This put a heavy burden on the remaining water filter which had been used for a long time and began to degraded.

This made the students staying in the domitory lack clean water to drink, not to mention the large and urgent need for drinking water for the whole school. The teachers often had to boil water every day by using small pots, Dũng said.

 At the inauguration ceremony, Principal Vũ Tiến Dũng expressed his appreciation to the support of the sponsors. The school is located in one of the most disavantaged communes of Tuần Giáo district.

“Charitable gifts such as school supplies, bicycles, blankets, rice and a smart water distillation device were priceless gifts which encouraged teachers and students here,  showing the share and care of the community with localities still facing difficulties,” Dũng said.

 At the ceremony, the organisers also shared to the students about the effectiveness of sunlight, as well as some of its applications in real life.

“We hope this water distillation system not only provides safe drinking water for school teachers and students but also gives students the opportunity to learn about other possibilities of solar energy, in addition to cultivation and drying of agricultural products,” said Dirk Thielenhaus, General Director of Covestro Việt Nam.

 Mường Mùn commune currently has 1,145 households with a population of about 5,478 people. Ethnic groups make up more than 96 per cent of the population, including the Mông, Thái, Ede, Thổ, Dao. The rate of the poor commune is still quite large with about 50 per cent. The main source of income and food of families comes from growing rice, which is vulnerable to natural disasters. People have few opportunities to create additional income or employment. 



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