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Spiritual masterpieces in the sky

Update: January, 22/2019 - 16:27
Buhda Statue in Sunworld Ba Na Hills

It is no coincidence that self-meditating houses often hide on sacred peaks. And it is no coincidence that these spiritual architecture complexes, then, have become notable destinations for all passionate visitors to discover indigenous culture.

Pagoda on the mountain - sacred and attractive destination

Venerable Thích Đức Thiện shared in a prayer ceremony held on top of Fansipan Summit in late January this year: "In the Buddhist universe, the mountains are always considered sacred destinations. Therefore, there are always pagodas located on mountains in order to converge, to preserve spirituality and natural resources and to generate prosperity.”

That’s why Phuktal Monastery (India) is nestled in harmony with the beautiful nature on the craggy cliffs. Taung Kalat Monastery (Myanmar) is located right above the mouth of an extinct volcano at 737m above sea level. Meteores Monasteries (Greece) are on the edge of a steep mountain named "floating in the sky". Kyaikhtiyo Temple is located right next to the Golden Rock in Myanmar. Last but not least, Paro Taktsang Monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan has become a symbol of the happiest country in the world.

It is also the reason why most famous Vietnamese ancient houses - which contain the soul and serve as a solid basis for the long-lasting national culture, are found on sacred peaks. Monks and nuns, Buddhists and tourists, after a long pilgrimage, will have the opportunity to take in the beauty spread out at the foot of the mountains.

That is the reason on the sacred peaks of Fansipan and Bà Nà’s Chúa Mountain at a height of more than 1,400m, cultural complexes of architectural spirituality, bearing the shape of pagodas and Vietnamese architecture, have been created by Sun Group to bring Buddhists and tourists on a pilgrimage to worship the land of Buddha.

Sunworld Fansipan Legend

Marvels created from the heart

After admiring the view of Bà Nà from a modern cable car system, enjoying the four seasons of Europe with a number of festivities, tourists step into the peaceful spiritual complex in Bà Nà forest, together with Linh Phong Thiền Tự - Trú Vũ Trà quán – Đền Lĩnh chúa Linh Từ - Lầu Chuông – Nhà Bia – Miếu Bà and Linh Phong Bảo Tháp.

Moving towards Le Jardin to see the meditative Buddha Shakyamuni statue on the lotus court standing at 27m in the virtual fog of Linh Ứng Pagoda, tourists feel lost in meditation.

On the top of the legendary Fansipan, an architectural and spiritual complex has been cleverly created, as if it was built hundreds of years ago. Nestled in the forest, the construction is divided in harmony with the beautiful landscape, with La Hán Road, Kim Sơn Bảo Thắng Tự, Bích Vân, Amitabha Buddha, Bodhisattva, Vọng Lĩnh Cao Dài and Sơn Thần Temple.

Located on the sacred peaks among dangerous mountains and a cold climate, Sun World Ba Na Hills and Sun World Fansipan Legend allow people to admire the spiritual masterpieces standing between the clouds, and admire the journey of creation and construction. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of stone, thousands of cubic metres of solid wood, thousands of restored bricks, hundreds of tonnes of steel and many other materials have been transported manually to the mountain. This has created a spiritual community, a national arterial blood, where the spiritual stream source converges.

“As a person who devoted his whole life to preserving monuments and building temples, I greatly appreciated not only the investment but also the great heart of Sun Group to bring about a complex of spirituality on the majestic Fansipan,” said Professor Hoàng Đạo Kính.

The spiritual works at Sun World Ba Na Hills and Sun World Fansipan Legend have become a magnet for both domestic and foreign tourists. Visitor numbers are rising each year as a testament to the cultural and spiritual architecture.

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