China's Lingtong Selects Infor as Environmental Sustainability Partner to Create a Green Exhibition Service Ecosystem

January 06, 2020 - 04:34
China's Lingtong Selects Infor as Environmental Sustainability Partner to Create a Green Exhibition Service Ecosystem

Infor LN improves Lingtong’s overall management and business visibility with its robust industry-specific capabilities and flexible deployment


BEIJING, CHINA - Media OutReach - 6 January 2020 - Infor a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. ("Lingtong") has chosen Infor to be its eco-friendly partner. Together, they will help raise the bar for environmental sustainability within China's huge exhibition industry. This will be achieved by deploying the Infor LN solution to improve Lingtong's management and operational capabilities, and, ultimately, achieving the goal of building a green exhibition service ecosystem.


In recent years the exhibition industry has undergone rapid development, which is a phenomenon that is in-line with urbanization trends. As the industry expands, concerns have grown about high-energy consumption and pollution levels caused by exhibitions. As the earliest professional company in China to develop and produce exhibition display equipment, Lingtong's vision is to take "green exhibition service global" and is committed to "building a green exhibition service ecosystem" worldwide through technology, as well invest in as research and development. Lingtong provides large-scale exhibition equipment for various industries, comprising quick-to-build, recyclable, safe, and environmentally-friendly materials. The company is committed to providing customized, environmentally sound construction solutions for different exhibition needs in the future.


The continuous expansion of the exhibition industry has led to environmental issues becoming even more commonplace. With Lingtong's rapid growth, current management tools can no longer support the needs of Lingtong's group operations and business development. Through this partnership, Lingtong and Infor have pledged to promote better environmental protection and a low-carbon economy, which will help companies embrace green manufacturing. In this regard, Lingtong and Infor share a common vision to transform and promote Chinese green manufacturing for sustainable market growth. After a thorough evaluation process, Lingtong chose to deploy Infor LN solution for operational and business visibility. This will involve many areas, including procurement, sales, production, finance, and project implementation, and will provide the necessary flexibility that business units require to meet group management and operational needs. The project is expected to be rolled out in mid-2020.

Lingtong ERP (Infor LN) project


Yuguang Liu, Chairman of Lingtong, said, "We chose Infor after a careful evaluation process and were impressed by their deep industry expertise and how the Infor LN solution is both cost-effective and quick to deploy according to the unique needs of the exhibition industry. Whether for operations or quality management, service management or order management, the Infor LN solution boasts industry-specific functionality and flexible deployment advantages that can support the rapid development of our group's business. At the same time, the Infor LN solution provides complete supply chain visibility, which will help us be a better corporate citizen and save energy during each step of the production process, thus promoting the sustainable growth of our enterprise."


Becky Xie, Vice President of Sales, Greater China and Korea, Infor, said, "Green exhibitions are in-line with the industry's development trend, and Lingtong has been at the forefront of this.  Striving for sustainable growth and development of the industry go hand in hand with corporate social responsibility. We are very happy to be working with Lingtong to promote environmental sustainability through the creation of a green exhibition industry chain, which will help protect our fragile ecosystem."


"Infor LN solution can improve Lingtong's operational transparency and optimize business processes for the company. Its industry-specific manufacturing functions provide greater flexibility and will ultimately help Lingtong achieve its development goal of building a green exhibition service ecosystem," she continued.

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