Yong Tai Berhad: Encore Melaka unveils exciting live entertainment performances to usher in the return of theatre

April 29, 2022 - 12:06
Yong Tai Berhad: Encore Melaka unveils exciting live entertainment performances to usher in the return of theatre
  • Yong Tai will collaborate with local and international artists to produce various live shows at Encore Melaka Theatre as it reopens on 30 April 2022
  • The Group will continue to pursue collaborations with local production houses to push for the creative live entertainment shows
  • Encore Melaka will serve as a one-stop solution for venues and sales channels to marketing strategies and will be able to cater for all event staging needs
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 29 April 2022 - Yong Tai Berhad ("YTB" or "Group" or "Company") has strategically positioned itself to tap on the return of the public to theatres as the reopening of society created an unprecedented demand for in-person and shared experiences.

Yong Tai's strong engagement with various production houses that feature local and international artists and performers allowed the Group to collaborate with various performers to produce exciting, diverse and various live shows at its Encore Melaka Theatre this year. The Group also offers flexible packages to help local production houses get back on their feet after two years of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
YTB's Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Zoe Tan, said, "The uniqueness of Encore Melaka has given us the leverage to produce various live shows in collaboration with artists via its unique features. Encore Melaka is a world-class theatre engineered using the latest technology. The performance is presented in a new genre, and innovative art production – a 360-degree rotating auditorium and 4 main stages comprising a water & mist stage, lifting platforms, a multi-storey stage and Yarn houses and are well equipped with advanced audio and also a 3D video mapping projection. The theatre gives a truly amazing experience to every audience who visits."
The Encore Melaka show lineup is filled with exciting names and diverse performances. Among some of the live entertainment, art and cultural shows that have been scheduled up until December 2022 include "Mending the Broken Sky", a Chinese music and drum theatre produced by arts outfit Orang Orang Drum Theatre, "Mentega Terbang", a Malay language movie presented by Anomalist Production and "Will you marry me?" , a music talk show presented by Toh Harnniann.
There are other strong lineups of performances until September. These include the likes of "Tanjong" (Malay Theatre), "Tribute to Terese Teng & Fei Yu-Ching" (Chinese Concert), and the English theatre entitled "Emily of Emerald Hill" which runs from June to the mid of September.
The live performances slated to be performed in Encore Melaka is diverse, ranging from whimsical music and drum theatre, film, concert, talk show, piano recital and many more. To find more on the live performances scheduled, the audience can go to the link attached here: https://encore-melaka.com/show/.
"These live entertainments that we bring will help provide the "shared experience" that is missing during the pandemic. Sales of the tickets have been on track, and we see a lot of interest in these live shows despite the absence of foreign tourists. As we continue to reopen our international border and ease the process to travel into Malaysia, this will drive the recovery of our theatre business," Datuk Zoe said.
While the Group has previously focused on the Impression Series, the strategy has shifted towards a broader range of live entertainment, art and cultural shows using its state-of-the-art theatrical capabilities.
On top of that, the Group will also leverage its strategic location and multi-event venues such as multi-purposed halls, gardens, VIP lounges, seaside, hostel and many more that inspire and revitalize the audience with the best experiences. These venue spaces are well-infrastructured, and it is ready to gain momentum.
Encore Melaka Theatre can accommodate various events, including live streaming programmes, grand launching, beauty pageants, movie premiers, film shoots, award ceremonies, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and corporate events. At the same time, the other venue spaces can cater to many mega-events such as charity runs, triathlons, competitions and festivals.
According to Datuk Zoe, enquiries regarding the availability of Encore Melaka events have increased with the reopening of the economy.
"We have received a lot of enquiries on the availability of Encore Melaka for events at the beginning of this year. There are a lot of plans, such as 2 mega-events - City Drift in June 2022 & Year-end countdown in December 2022 that are in the pipeline. Both events were able to draw domestic and international tourists' visits to Encore Melaka." she said.
Beyond positioning itself as the venue for events, Encore Melaka will serve as a one-stop solution for all event staging needs and even cater for outdoor activities and marketing and ticketing sales. From superior audiovisual solutions, 3D-video mapping projections, outstanding stage design, and high-quality multimedia production to marketing and promotional activities and ticketing sales, local production houses can leverage the collaboration with Encore Melaka to produce engaging, entertaining live performance shows.
For event enquiries, please contact Encore Melaka event team +606 277 6657 / +606 277 7718. For more information, please visit www.encore-melaka.com

About Yong Tai Berhad

Yong Tai Berhad ("Yong Tai" or "Company") is a Bursa Malaysia Main Market listed company whose core business is in tourism-related property development.
Yong Tai has successfully transformed into a Melaka-centric township property developer via its integrated 138-acre Impression City (RM7.7 billion GDV), featuring first-of-its-kind Impression Melaka via a 30-year licensing agreement. In addition, this iconic tourist landmark showcases large-scale live cultural music performances (the first Impression Series outside China).

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