Post-Pandemic: Sino-French Brand Consultancy Agency PLTFRM Leading Global Brands Localization in China

October 11, 2021 - 09:09
Post-Pandemic: Sino-French Brand Consultancy Agency PLTFRM Leading Global Brands Localization in China

China based, global minded, a decade long of international brand management in China

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 11 October 2021 - PLTFRM, Sino-French brand management agency specialized in the localization of global brands in China, has upgraded its company image to better convey its strategic development. The new logo symbolizes each of the company's five main departments: strategy, branding, communication, marketing and e-commerce. It translates the agency's commitment to creative and business logic for the commercial success of international brand in China.

2022 marks the agency's 10th anniversary, after years of solution driven projects, PLTFRM's unique methodological approach grew. Over the past decade, the agency has built a crossover between rapid local execution methods and consistent international brand perspectives. Thanks to its many years of experience and a mix of international and Chinese teams, the agency adapts rapidly to the market change to help global companies seize business opportunities in China.


"Since 2012, PLTFRM has executed projects in the FMCG, wines and spirit, cosmetic, finance and luxury industries with a wide range of brands such as Wines of Chile association, Italian luxury sport equipment Technogym, Financial institution ICBC, German coffee maker Melitta etc, and built close partnerships with major e-commerce platforms and channels. The business world is in constant motion, bringing both challenges and opportunities. Our agility in understanding and surfing the market is made through a constant exchange with the main social media and e-commerce actors.

There are many elements for overseas brands to achieve commercial success in China, among which it is very important to find local partners. We have a diverse and integrated international team, that allowing deep understanding yet respecting overseas brands and eliminating cultural gaps. Our tailored localization strategies are formulated based on full understanding and therefore we could select suitable promotion channels in the rapidly changing domestic market. We know as a partner, we need to have two key abilities, namely cognition and mental power.


The level of cognition determines whether the strategy formulated when serving clients is correct. At the company level, the mental effort can be understood as continuous and stable efficient execution. In short, only by continuously improving the cognition and execution ability of oneself and the entire team, constantly maintaining communication, and establishing close relationships with major mainstream platforms and channels, we could obtain forward-looking thinking ability, and therefore provide full service for the localization of overseas brands in China. We understand there is a long way to go, and there is still a lot of work to do in the future." said Qian Dejun, PLTFRM Founder and CEO.


"Being a creative agency means always trying something new and exploring new ter- ritories. That also means critiquing what we have done these last 10 years. We have made our share of mistakes and failures, and we all strived to learn from them and thrive. We will continue to explore new promotion and sales channels. For example, we have already innovated our video production capabilities with in-house 3D motion capture and a livestream AR integration studio. These new tools are enhancing our approach to e-commerce. PLTFRM keeps on finding new method to do what we do best: conversion for brand market share growth," said Alexandre Ouairy, PLTFRM Founder and Director.


Since the beginning of 2020, the market faces the reality of a global pandemic, fluctuating international relations, and the rapid changes in the domestic consumer environment.

Furthermore, new marketing model, merging E-commerce and social media video emerged. The e-commerce landscape in China is convoluted. The three most prominent players (Tmall, JD, and Pinduoduo) are fiercely competing, while smaller or new actors, like TikTok, innovate and compose within the scattered landscape, and stood out in the industry. This shows the future of China's e-commerce is bright with limitless development potential.


According to South China Morning Post and eMarkerter, the pandemic is a catalyst rather than the direct cause of e-commerce's rapid growth, and the e-commerce boom will continue long after coronavirus pandemic ends. In 2022, e-commerce will grow by 11.0%, and e-commerce sales will breach the $3 trillion (forecast $3.085 trillion for 2022) threshold in China.


With a methodic combination of creativity and data analytic, PLTFRM provide brands with unique solutions for positioning and effective promotion plan, to deeply interact with the target audience in China to achieve effective conversion. For instance, in 2020, supported by Cherries from Chile, PLTFRM joined forces with a total of 18 major e-commerce platforms and offline channels, including Tmall, JD and Pinduoduo, executeed a common promotion for the Cherries from Chile. The interactive campaign was conceptualised and launched within 3 days, reached 700 million views and helped in achieving a 44% year-on-years growth.


PLTFRM is a Sino-French brand management agency specialized in the localization of global brands in China. Founded in 2012, it grows it services to better accompany brands in facing the market. PLTFRM provides one-stop branding solutions for companies: from market researches, analysis and strategy, brand positioning, marketing strategy and execution, digital communication, to e-commerce operations.

The company was co-founded by Qian Dejun and Alexandre Ouairy. Two men with different background, one is Chinese, the other is French. Two men with different experiences, one a seasoned business manager, the other a senior advertising agency creative director. But two men with a common vision and goals, which build PLTFRM's distinctive culture right from the start. Under their leadership, the agency grew an international creative team which blends worlds, cultures, creativity and business. It became an incubator of ideas to link international brands and local markets.

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