Lychee farmers fill up northern Bắc Giang's Lục Ngạn District

June 24, 2023 - 08:25
The lychee plantation area totalled 30,000 hectares in the province.
ON THE MOVE: Small lorries and motorbikes carry lychees to markets. VNA Photos Danh Lam

The northern province of Bắc Giang is famous for thiều lychees, which grow mainly in Lục Ngạn District. Farmers in the district are very busy these days harvesting the popular fruit.

Hundreds of lorries and motorbikes carry lychees to markets in every corner of the province. The peak harvest season begins in early June and lasts for more than a month. Various travel agencies in and around the province have already planned tours for visitors to pick lychees at farms in the region.

DELIVERED: Lục ngạn 'thiều' lychees will be sent to the south and nearby provinces, as well as Hà Nội.

The lychee plantation area totalled 30,000 hectares in the province. Experienced lychee traders say Lục Ngạn lychees were first exported to China in 1997, mostly in dried form which Chinese people add to their tea.

CASHING IN: Lychees can help farmers earn more money.

The fruit is also the first Vietnamese agricultural product to be granted a special certificate by Japan, which took negotiations lasting nearly three years. In addition to Japan, thiều lychees have already earned geographical protection in six countries, namely China, Laos, Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, and Australia. The protection is like a passport to help speed up the customs clearance processes, raise prices, and improve the value of the farm produce.

READY TO GO: Lychees are classified and weighed before being loaded on transportation vehicles.

In 2023, Central Retail Việt Nam will consume about 300 tonnes of lychees from Lục Ngạn District. The total output is estimated at over 180,000 tonnes. - VNS

GOING GLOBAL: Lục Ngạn 'thiều' lychees are exported to many countries including Japan, the US, Malaysia, Germany, and Singapore.