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Vinfast announces launch of two new electric motorcycle models and O2O shopping experience

Update: January, 21/2021 - 18:17

On January 21, Vinfast Trading and Production Limited Liability Company announced the sale of two new electric motorcycle models, namely Theon and Feliz, affirming the company’s leading technology research and development capabilities in the smart electric vehicle market. Additionally, the company officially launched the online to offline (O2O) shopping model in the Vingroup multi-industry product and service ecosystem, promising to bring the best shopping experiences to customers.

Theon is an electric motorcycle model representing the speed, creativity and continuous development of VinFast. This motorcycle has a strong, classy, fashionable design and outstanding performance to take the lead in smart technology.

Theon is the electric motorcycle model representing the speed, creativity and continuous development of VinFast.

Theon is equipped with a mid-engine and chain transmission system with a power of up to 7,100W. It can reach a power of 9,000W equivalent to 12 horsepower and a maximum torque of 22.27Nm. This power helps Theon accelerate from 0 to 50km per hour in just six seconds and reach a maximum speed of 90km/h.

Despite travelling at high speeds, Theon is particularly safe thanks to its sturdy chassis, front and rear suspensions systems from the renowned Showa manufacturer and brakes by Nissin. In addition, Theon is equipped with a Continental 2-channel ABS system - a safety feature only available in high-end vehicles, helping the driver maintain good control in bad weather conditions when having to brake urgently or move on bad roads.

Theon uses two new-generation batteries running in parallel, enabling it to travel a distance of up to 101km in a single full charge. The new-generation batteries have excellent longevity. Their capacity remains 70 per cent after 2,000 charges.

The motorcycle has an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, which is the highest level in the market, facilitating good performance in a water immersion state with one-metre-deep pressure for 30 minutes.

Regarding design, Theon uses a colour LCD screen for the meter, displaying many parameters such as speed, battery status and temperature. Its LED lighting system uses projector technology to create a good light cross-section without affecting people moving in the opposite direction.

VinFast invested heavily in smart technology for these two new electric motorcycle models. Theon uses the phone as a key (PAAK) technology which is the world's top modern technology to help drivers easily start/shut down the vehicles, open the trunk, and activate and deactivate the anti-theft feature remotely through the application on their smartphones. It is also designed with a smart key that allows start/shutdown within one metre in distance besides an ESIM integrated HMI connection system capable of auto diagnostics and fault warning, auto software update and Global Positioning System (GPS), and journey management.

Another model launched at the same time as Theon is the Feliz model with an elegant, attractive and comfortable design that has been researched and developed to suit the needs of urban mobility of the majority of Vietnamese people.

Feliz with its elegant, attractive and comfortable design.

Feliz motorcycles are equipped with a large capacity engine with the maximum power of 2,250W, a maximum speed of 60km/h and can travel a distance of 90km in a single charge. Its trunk is spacious with a volume of 20 litres.

With these advantages, the announced selling price of Theon model is VND63.9 million VND. Customers can choose to buy batteries for VND17.2 million or rent batteries at a preferential price of VND350,000 per month. The selling price of the Feliz model is VND24.9 million, including battery and charger.

Also on this occasion, VinFast announced the online to offline to online (O2O) shopping experience model to provide customers a convenient, easy and delightful experience. From January 21, customers can visit the VinFast e-commerce website at to register for a test drive, order or experience a vehicle directly at VinFast official showrooms and agents.

“VinFast has researched and developed electric motorcycle models with equivalent performance and lower operating costs compared to gasoline vehicles aiming to change consumers' definition of electric motorcycles. We also pay great attention to the design to make beautiful, safe, convenient and classy products. Moreover, VinFast electric motorcycles use high technology to bring smart features and outstanding experience to customers. VinFast will innovate constantly to add value to our customers while promoting the change in the habits of using green vehicles for environmental protection for a green future for our later generations,” said Thai Thanh Hai, VinFast CEO.

In just more than two years, VinFast has announced the launch to the market of six electric motorcycle models, including Klara, KlaraS, Ludo, Impes, Feliz and Theon, among which there are two limited edition motorcycle models specially designed in co-operation with pop star Son Tung M-TP, exclusively for young people. VinFast has a system of 120 showrooms and agents and 85 service workshops. The company is expected to open 200-400 new stores and more than 2,000 charging stations nationwide for customer convenience in 2021.


On the occasion of launching two new product models and the O2O shopping experience model, VinFast applies special incentives. All customers who pre-order motorcycles between January 21 and January 31 will get a maximum discount of up to VND3 million for the Feliz model and up to VND8.1 million for the Theon model.


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