Knowledgehook to boost maths attainment across Australia

February 16, 2021 - 07:15
Knowledgehook to boost maths attainment across Australia

Knowledge aims to accelerate recent improvements in math attainment levels, across all age groups, in Australia. The Learner First to distribute Knowledgehook technology across Australia.


CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - News Direct - 16February 2021 - Knowledgehook, theworld's most comprehensive mathematics learning platform, has launched inAustralia as the nation's teachers turn a corner in addressing low mathsattainment levels for young people. It is now available to schools across thecountry for children in Year 3 to Year 10 classes, through The Learner First, aconsultancy working with schools across Australia.


The latest TIMSS (Trends inInternational Mathematics and Science Study) found that Australia's achievementin mathematics has improved since 2015. However, Year 4 mathematics achievementhas not changed since 2007. One of the biggest challenges facing educators isto find better ways to meet the learning needs of the many students who fallbehind in schools, failing to meet year-level expectations (often year afteryear) and, as a consequence, become increasingly disengaged.


Knowledgehook's proprietary technologyharnesses the power of data to track where students are on their math journey.Their programmes connect a child's at-home learning with in-school education,providing real-time insights to teachers on learning gaps. This empowersteachers to develop an understanding of the maths concepts related to theirstudents' challenges, enabling them to adjust instruction and monitor studentprogress.

Knowledgehook: The Instructional Guidance System forteachers


As Knowledgehook launches acrossAustralia, former Australian MathematicsCurriculum leader, Margaret Bigelow, commented: "Australia's resultsin international testing are improving. The impact of a national approach toteaching and learning Mathematics has impacted on this improved outcome.Teachers need to be supported to maintain this trajectory of improvement byhaving the ideas and tools to enhance the engagement of their students todevelop critical and creative thinking and further mathematical skills. This willenable students to adjust to the ever-changing demands and challenges of lifein the future."


"Knowledgehook was inspired by my ownstruggle with maths as a child,'' explained CoFounder and CEO of Knowledgehook, Travis Ratnam. "Having theright, personalised guidance makes all the difference and every studentdeserves to have a teacher who has access to the best pedagogical tools, andparents who have insights into their learning. Our platform is not a game, itpulls together a 360 view on a child's learning journey enabling people aroundthem to improve the child's math experience and outcomes.

Knowledgehook founders: (L to R) Travis Ratnam and QamarQureshi


In launching Knowledgehook acrossAustralia, Joanne McEachen, Founder andCEO of The Learner First commented: "I love the fact maths support isavailable 24/7 so when a learner struggles with a math's concept, the teachercan access professional learning and development to help support both thelearner and the teacher on the spot. Moreover, it helps teachers retrace theirapproach and identifies what may have been missed allowing them to recover andembed essential skills and concepts. Quite simply, it is what we have beenmissing for years and it will certainly complement the current trajectory offurther improving math's performance and disposition in Australian students."


Knowledgehook's AI-enabled platform hasgrown to support schools across the US, Mexico, and the UK. It is designed toscale across multiple countries and languages developing teacher capacity whileengaging students and providing actionable insights for parents. Over theyears, Knowledgehook's research-based solution has garnered industryleadingpartnerships and investments from the most recognised global education bodies,notably from the University College of London (UCL), the global leader ineducation research.


Knowledgehook actively collaborates withgovernments around the world while also working directly with schools and theirsuppliers, to offer curriculum-aligned solutions. The company currentlyempowers teachers in more than 100,000 schools. In 2021, it is anticipated thesolution will reach 50,000,000 students globally. "We have received growinginterest for our technology and expertise to be applied to other subjects andwe look forward to expanding our solution to empower more educators and supportthe learning of students to become the problem-solvers of tomorrow," Qamar Qureshi, President and Chief BusinessOfficer added.


About Knowledgehook

Knowledgehook, a leading educationaltechnology company, empowers hundreds of thousands of teachers and parents tocollaboratively support the mathematics learning journey of millions ofstudents worldwide.


Winner of Google's Game Changer Awardand named Top Disruptor by BNN, its platform analyses student understandingthrough engaging assessments, providing real-time personalised solutions toclose learning gaps between classroom teaching and at-home learning.


Designed by leading numeracy andresearch experts, Knowledgehook's Instructional Guidance System is known forreinventing how online technology supports education and educators, whileinspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow.