Taiwan tech firms unveil a new wave of AI solutions at Computex 2022

June 01, 2022 - 05:21
Taiwan tech firms unveil a new wave of AI solutions at Computex 2022
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 1 June 2022 - Taiwan’s IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) “AI Life” Pavilion championed artificial intelligence at the center of Computex 2022, celebrating the IT trade show’s first in-person exhibition after two years of virtual events. The Pavilion featured thirteen Taiwanese tech firms, showcasing their latest AI-driven products and solutions.
13 Taiwanese technology companies exhibit on the IDB AI Life Pavilion at Computex 2022
13 Taiwanese technology companies exhibit on the IDB AI Life Pavilion at Computex 2022

Signage above the Pavilion read, “My AI, my dAIly life”, broadcasting the Pavilion’s purpose - to shed light on the behind-the-scenes role of AI in our daily lives. In keeping with this spirit, each of the thirteen exhibitors spotlighted its latest AI-driven products and solutions, spanning a wide range of industries and applications.
eYs3D demoed its eCapture Depth Camera with 3D stereo vision technology, boasting realtime, human-like vision. This edge computing device paves the way for autonomous robots’ obstacle avoidance, object and gesture recognition. It is built upon eys3D’s proprietary IC packaging solution, “Silicon 4.0 Heterogeneous Integration”.
Hyson exhibited its intelligent aquaculture solution, featuring AI technology that defogs and restores the color of underwater images, and analyzes objects such as fish. Hyson’s solution utilizes IoT underwater cameras to monitor fishes’ overall health and feeding activity. This solution enables fish farmers to save labor cost, manage risk, optimize feeding automation and track primary growth data directly from their cell phone.
Trans IoT promoted its IoV solutions, which integrate mapping software and vehicle data with dash cam hardware devices. Its purpose is to monitor driver performance and recognize poor driving behavior such as a driver who is fatigued, distracted, smoking, accelerating too rapidly or braking too aggressively. By using this system, logistics or commercial fleet companies can reduce risk, attain lower insurance premiums and effectively save on operating expenses.
Himax showcased its Ultralow Power Intelli-Sensing Module, featuring context-aware AI, to empower application systems to reduce energy consumption and improve user experience. While deploying in a smart home application, the module, which is capable of human presence detection, senses when a room is empty then enables powering down functions. It can power down lighting, electronic devices and air conditioning units to save energy. In addition, the module also offers pre-trained facial recognition model to cultivate user experience, interacting with a registered user by keyword spotting for example.
For a majority of the companies present, there was a common theme of exploiting innovations in AI vision to boost efficiency and safety across multiple industries. Exhibitors not mentioned above include ADLINK, Advantech, AUO, GoodLinker, iAmbition, Kneron, SPE3D, Techman Robot, and LILIN. In addition to their individual kiosks, each exhibitor had the chance to give talks about their technologies throughout the event.
The IDB AI Life Pavilion at Computex 2022 was organized by Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and executed by Taipei Computer Association.