Qwang Launches in Singapore New Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad Experience With A Healthier Twist

December 15, 2021 - 02:51
Qwang Launches in Singapore New Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad Experience With A Healthier Twist

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 December 2021 - Qwang, a brand new quick-serve Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad concept, opens its doors this December, bringing refreshing bowls of authentic Vietnamese casual dining goodness to foodies across Singapore.


Drawing inspiration from the classic and popular Vietnamese rice vermicelli dish Bún Thịt Nướng (grill pork rice noodle salad), with updated ingredients, preparation methods and cooking styles to suit today's healthier dietary preferences, Qwang aspires to bring the unique flavour and taste of this quintessential Vietnamese daily foodfare to a wider consumer audience.


With a healthier cooking approach, reduced oil usage and no MSG, Qwang is the perfect choice to get your Vietnamese food fix while staying on the right side of your dietary plans. 


Goodness in a bowl

The Qwang rice noodle salad combines and folds in layers of taste, flavours and texture - at the same time savoury, sweet, crunchy, crisp and zesty - into a balanced bowl of hearty and satisfying meal experience.


Every Qwang salad bowl starts with the assembly of the base: consisting of springy rice noodles mixed with a generous serving of fresh Romaine lettuce, Japanese cucumbers and succulent cherry tomatoes, followed by a dash of vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots.


For proteins, choose from our signature roast ribeye, classic roast-grilled pork cutlet or belly, as well as specially marinated chicken. There is also the option of spice-rubbed, roasted beancurd cubes for those who are vegetarian inclined.


The ensemble is topped off with fresh herbs - mint and basil leaves - and a sprinkling of chopped roasted peanuts.


Finally, to complete the whole experience, drizzle your Qwang salad bowl with our own specially concocted version of the traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce, nước chấm.


Give everything a good toss to mix it all in, and you're now ready to enjoy!

Sharing the love for Vietnamese food

Qwang culminates a journey of love for the brand's co-founder and spokesperson Chew that began almost a decade ago.


"Most people immediately think of Phở or Bánh mì when they think of Vietnamese food, but for me, it's the rice noodle salad dish, Bún Thịt Nướng, that speaks to me as the quintessential Vietnamese dish, a chaotic yet logical balance of layered tastes and flavours that in a way perfectly represents the varied and kaleidoscopic nature of Vietnamese culture", explained Chew.


"We are extremely passionate about Vietnamese food and wish to share our love for it with more people throughout Singapore, and beyond. And that is what inspired us to start Qwang", Chew elaborated.


Beyond the current offering, Qwang has plans to introduce other popular Vietnamese food items in the future, as part of its mission to be recognised as a brand synonymous with authentic and quality Vietnamese food in Singapore

Launch promotion

To celebrate its launch, Qwang is offering Chilled Vietnamese Coffee free with every Qwang salad bowl purchase, from now till 31 December 2021, or whilst stock lasts.


Simply order online at www.qwang.sg for islandwide delivery or self-pickup at Qwang's outlet, located at: 9 Yio Chu Kang Road, Space @ Kovan #01-51, Singapore 545523.


Walk-in for takeaway orders is available as well.


Operating hours are 11am to 9pm daily.


Qwang is now open for business. Get your healthy and refreshing bowl of Vietnamese rice noodle salad today.

About Qwang

Qwang is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept that offers a fresh take on the classic Vietnamese rice noodle salad dish, Bún Thịt Nướng, that retains the traditional and unique flavours of Vietnamese soul food while adding new dimensions to suit the fast casual and healthier diet preferences of today's consumers.

With a hearty mix of daily fresh greens, tasty proteins and refreshing herbs, drizzled with its unique savoury and tangy dressing sauce, a Qwang bowl is just what one needs to enjoy a satisfying meal that feeds the senses, body and soul all at the same time.

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