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CIMB Vietnam and Finhay Releases Smart Credit Card

Update: October, 01/2021 - 09:00

Customers over 20 years old can own a CIMB - Finhay Revi credit card via Finhay app (both on iOS and Android platforms) without going to bank branches and waiting 5-7 days for verification. — Photo courtesy of CIMB Vietnam

HÀ NỘI — The world is changing. Your bank should too. That’s why together with Finhay, CIMB has designed the Co-branded Revi Credit differently. Simple. Smart. Instant. Partnered with Visa network, the card boasts rewards, no annual fees, a low-interest rate range, and intelligent features. It is not only heavy with rewards and benefits but also has a beautiful coat.

An Exceptional Digital Experience

Credit cards are an “inseparable” thing for people in developed countries because they are easy to spend, manage and take advantage of cash advances. However, in Việt Nam, many people still do not have a credit card due to barriers caused by complicated procedures of regulations and the number of required documents, as well as unattractive limits with lots of fees. While not every credit card on the market is available to applicants right away, CIMB understands how frustrating it can be for potential customers to wait, hence the process for obtaining such credit cards has been made seamless, quick and secure altogether with video KYC on Finhay platform.

Applying for credit cards can be tiring with lots of documents to submit. The world is changing, CIMB - Finhay Revi Credit’s process has been redesigned to give customers a seamless experience, simplifying the requirements for income and address documentation. Sign digitally and get the credit instantly. There’s no paperwork – CIMB - Finhay Revi Credit gives you more, without the hassle.

Accordingly, customers over 20 years old can own a CIMB - Finhay Revi credit card via Finhay app (both on iOS and Android platforms) without going to bank branches and waiting 5-7 days for verification. It only takes 5-6 minutes for customers to complete the application and appraisal, 100 per cent online. With biometric authentication technology combined with video electronic know your customer (v-eKYC), CIMB can approve a line of credit of VNĐ5-100 million (US$218 - $4,350) instantly.

The above amounts are useful for customers to pay for their essential expenses in daily living demands, online shopping, or emergencies. The CIMB’s instant credit line granted to customers is matched with Việt Nam’s forecasted GDP per capita of around $2,870 a person. This shows that the credit score given to Vietnamese customers is increasing day by day.

Your CIMB - Finhay Visa Revi Credit Card – simple, fast and reliable.

In these times of global uncertainty, people are trying to spend more time indoors and adjust their lifestyles to the new reality. And of course, as people adapt, it’s also essential to be able to access and manage money from home as usual.

Most credit card approval processes take days, sometimes weeks – and can only be used when the physical card arrives. To help you out if you’re not leaving the house or your area is experiencing restrictions, CIMB - Finhay customers can now find the virtual card on their Finhay app right away and can use their new card to make payments before the physical card even arrives. Even if there’s a slight disruption in getting your Revi Card to you in the next 5-7 days, enjoy that extra peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you can continue to use your virtual card for payments as usual.

Of course, if you lost your card, you can lock it and order a replacement and still be able to pay while waiting for a new physical to be delivered, thanks to CIMB virtual card number. If you suspect your virtual card number was stolen by a hacker, you can also quickly reset it. And if you believe someone has gained unauthorized access to your account, you can lock it entirely to block all types of payments and transfers. All these features are available under Card Settings on your Finhay app.

CIMB has made it easily accessible so customers can always check on their accounts whenever and wherever they are.

Spend and earn some extra cash

Instant approval credit cards are particularly enticing if you have any purchases on your plan and you want to ensure you can get your hands on a rewarding credit card in time. Nobody would want to pass up on opportunities to earn CashBack or rewards points on their spending given a choice. CashBack is the most flexible of all credit card rewards.

With CIMB - Finhay Revi Credit you will be paid CashBack on all eligible spending. CashBack is calculated instantly and credited daily to your Finhay Unfixed Saving Account to help you further earn daily interest. Simple and easy to earn some more money, because when you earn more, you save and invest more.

CIMB Vietnam has officially entered the fiercely competitive credit card market. Moreover, they officially started a new battle on how to approach and provide customers with new experiences. CIMB Vietnam CEO Thomson Fam Siew Kat said: “The new “CIMB x Finhay: ” Revi Credit Card answers what our customers have been asking for in terms of credit flexibility. By giving them instant decisions and allowing no documents to process, we are empowering them to take advantage of new opportunities and giving them the financial freedom they deserve. Your digital Revi Credit Card is easy to use, safe and reliable, so you can go ahead and spend your money with confidence. We keep our rates low, our fees are transparent and our terms fair. We love a great experience, just like you do.”


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