Boy trapped in concrete pit still out of reach after nearly three days

January 02, 2023 - 15:04
The rescue for the 10-year-old boy who fell into the concrete pit which was 25 cm in diametre and 35 metre deep into the ground last Saturday, is still going on.

HÀ NỘI — Local authorities are still racing against time to rescue a 10-year-old boy trapped in a 35-metre-deep concrete pipe pit in the southern province of Đồng Tháp since Saturday afternoon.

The health condition of the boy, named as Thái Lý Hạo Nam, is still unknown.

Nam, and three other children went to the Rọc Sen bridge construction site in Phú Lợi Commune in Thanh Bình District to collect scrap iron. It was here Nam fell into the concrete pit which was 25cm in diametre and 35 metre deep.

Rescue work started at noon the same day. Hundreds of people including firefighters and police officers along with rescue equipment like excavators, cranes, and augers were mobilised.

Cylinders of oxygen have been brought to the scene to help the boy breathe. Water was also given to the boy but as of Sunday morning, there was no sign of him using the water, according to Phú Lợi Commune’s People’s Committee.

The rescue team had different plans to rescue the boy. Dropping ropes to lift him is unfeasible as the concrete pipe is too narrow for the boy to tie the rope around his body, according to the rescuers.

One of the plans is to soften the soil and pull the pillar up to save the boy.

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính on Monday issued an official dispatch requesting involvement and cooperation among ministries to speed up the rescue.

He ordered Đồng Tháp’s People’s Committee Chairman to work with the State Committee for Incidents and Disaster Response, and Search and Rescue, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Construction, and the Ministry of Transport to mobilise all resources and equipment needed for the rescue work to ensure progress, speed and effectiveness of the rescue work.

He also ordered ministers of national defense, public security, transport, and construction to immediately mobilise experts and assign competent forces with experience to support the rescue work if there is a request from Đồng Tháp Chairman.

Oxygen from cylinders is transferred down to the victim. VNA/VNS Photo

He also ordered the Ministry of Construction to work with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Transport, Đồng Tháp’s People’s Committee and relevant authorities to inspect the safety measures in Rọc Sen project and have strict punishment if there are violations.

The PM asked the construction ministry, transport ministry, and chairman of provinces and cities’ People’s Committees to strengthen inspection to ensure safety in construction projects to avoid similar incidents.

The Rọc Sen bridge project was launched six months ago with concrete piles being planted into the ground but have not been covered. VNS