Yuting Teng transforms into an old Saigon Lady

A strong lady with an unfortunately unhappy childhood, Miss Asian Vietnamese Business Entrepreneur 2018 runner-up Yuting Teng is spreading a message about living life to the fullest. Full of strength and energy, and spurred on by her passions and a forward-looking perspective, Yuting Teng’s story deserves to be heard by many.

Miss Asian Vietnamese Business Entrepreneur 2018 Runner-up Yuting Teng builds a traditional but strong, aristocratic, pretty woman image

Yuting Teng uses her life story to share with women in Viet Nam and around the world the value of living life to the fullest. No matter who you are, whether you are faced with luck or misfortune, you should always live life with fervor and never abandon your passions to avoid having any regrets, she says.

As a child, Yuting Teng did not live in a proper home and so considered herself less fortunate than her peers. She lived with her grandparents, so she lacked the love and education that could only come from parents. This is why Yuting Teng always craved the feelings evoked by the word "family."

Although based overseas, Yuting Teng always loves and thinks of her home country Viet Nam, where she was born and grew up

A few years later, Yuting Teng went with her friends to Taiwan in the hope of escaping poverty. Initially, being in a foreign country proved difficult for Yuting Teng, who felt rejected because of her nationality, b differences in culture, and struggles at work. She experienced so much bitterness and humiliation, but not once did Yuting Teng surrender and give up on her dreams. Instead, the challenges made her stronger as a person.


Having lived in Taiwan for a while, Yuting Teng gradually came to intergrate herself to the new environment around her, even gaining sympathy from the people around her. The energetic lady began laying the foundation for her career by developing the first product in her own line of cosmetics. Today, Yuting Teng is a woman full of fervor, who lives out her passions in a dynamic way.


Yuting Teng has managed to establish herself not just as a successful Vietnamese businesswoman in Taiwan, but also as a well-loved personality, as proven by her runner-up finish in the Miss Asian Vietnamese Business Entrepreneur 2018. She is currently the face of many product brands.


Through her story, Yuting Teng has shown that one must strive to stand on her own feet, regardless of whether that person is rich or poor, or had an easy or difficult life. This is especially true for women, who must become strong and resilient to effortlessly move through the storms they may experience in life.


Yuting Teng has always known that everyone has a dream for themselves, and strong women are no exception. She also knows that women never give up, and that they always know how to look forward and find ways to overcome challenges in order to reach higher and more ambitious goals. Fatigue and fear only serve to uplift their spirits and push them further.

Strong women know that life is a journey, and to navigate this journey they must strive to understand themselves. They must always know how to behave so as not to court failure, but they also never need to compare themselves to anyone, because they know their value. In every circumstance, they always focus on forging and promoting their own skills, and live by their true human values.

Yuting Teng says one has to be happy to be able to share happiness with others. Instead of mimicking other people’s lifestyles, suppressing one’s own emotions, or meekly accepting setbacks, we should know how to make ourselves happier by making ourselves healthier, more beautiful, and more active. It is only when we feel happy that we are able share joy and happiness with our family and with the people around us, she says.


Yuting Teng says modern women must pursue their passions and interests to develop their character. The pursuit of what we want to do is not just about helping women share the financial burden with their families. It is also about using one’s achievements as an opportunity to share stories and motivate others in society. Likewise, a stable career and financial independence gives modern women the freedom to choose happiness and live the life they want to live, in their own way.

And so Yuting Teng asserts that while each of us can do anything we put ourselves to, we must not forget who we are. Most importantly, we must not be afraid to make ourselves, our family, and society happy. With the values that we share with the rest of the world, it is clear that women make the world a better place.


Photo: Mon Tran