VND 34 billion scholarships to bring the UK education closer
than ever to Vietnamese students

Why UK?

The United Kingdom (UK) has always been one of the top destinations to study around the world and for international students who have chosen the UK, their reasons seem quite clear.

The UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally valued and recognised. Three out of ten universities with the best rankings in 2017 in the world are from the UK. Cambridge University is ranked first, followed by Oxford University. The educational quality has been proven by the fact that the UK has educated more world leaders than any other country, with 48 people receiving a bachelor's degree in the UK, compared to 47 from the United States, 33 from France, and 9 from Russia, according to a research by the Institute for Higher Education Policy (HEPI) in 2017.

With such advantages, the UK has welcomed more than 400,000 international students per year in higher education, and has become the fourth best choice for Vietnamese students with 11,000 students studying there in 2017.

Studying overseas – a long journey

However, there are still a lot of Vietnamese students who want to but cannot study in the UK. International undergraduate tuition fees in the UK vary from around £10,000 (VNĐ322,971,201) to £38,000 (VNĐ1,227,290,566) per year or more for medical degrees. Adding the average living cost, the estimated cost to study in the UK in one year is expected to be at least £22,200 (VNĐ716,996,067). This is a high cost for Vietnamese students in average income families, making it a huge obstacle for them to get the education they dream of.

Even for those who can afford the fee, studying abroad is never easy. Leaving families and friends to come to a whole different country with a different culture and new relationships can leave most people in shock. Along with the high pressure at school, it is a struggle for international students.

International education right outside your house

So how about bringing the UK’s international education to Viet Nam? That is the question starting the story of British University Vietnam (BUV). It is the first and only university bringing UK education to Viet Nam. Instead of having to study far away from home with a high cost, Vietnamese students can now experience the UK education right here in Viet Nam and get international qualifications directly issued from Staffordshire University and University of London with no more than US$10,000 per year.

Students studying at BUV can start their internship right from their first year at big corporate such as Deloitte, Prudential, HSBC... During their years in Việt Nam, BUV has maintained the rate of students who can start their career path right after or three months after graduation as 100 per cent.

BUV is now offering programmes and courses on International Business Administration, Marketing Administration, Finance and Accounting, Tourism Administration, Finance and Banking, Finance and Business, and Master of Business Administration. New programmes in 2018 are expected to be on Event-Hotel Administration, Game Programming and Designing, Network Security Administration, and Graphic Design.

Holding the mission of bringing UK education closer to Vietnamese students, BUV is now offering a new VNĐ34,000,000,000 scholarship fund. For gifted students who won prizes in the Olympiad Competition, BUV is still offering scholarships with a total of VNĐ535,000,000. Students studying at Apollo - a partner of BUV, can also apply for scholarships of nearly VNĐ1,200,000,000. In addition, high school students graduating from five partnering schools with BUV (Chu Văn An, VAS, Phan Đình Phùng, FPT, Vinschool) in 2018 with high GPA and IELTS score will have a chance to apply for 100 per cent, 50 per cent or 30 per cent tuition fee scholarship to study at BUV.

With the support from BUV, the UK education is now more accessible than ever for Vietnamese students dreaming to develop themselves in an international environment.