Vinhomes Times City: Home away from home

“I enjoy living in Việt Nam. I think I can live here for the rest of my life,” says Pannier Thierry, a French living in Vinhomes Times City-Park Hill Premium.

In the past, the most difficult thing for a foreigner was to find a suitable place to live, one that would help him/her adapt to a new culture and overcome the language barrier. But today, these concerns no longer exist.

Locatedin a large area, with synchronised and high-end amenities, Vinhomes Time City-Park Hill Premium is rented mostly by foreigners, who are quite pleased with the project. This urban area has been called “the most worth-living place in Việt Nam” by the Pannier family.

The sunlit living room is designed to resemble an apartment in Singapore.

Visiting Pannier in his apartment, our first impression is of a sunlit living room, artistically designed like an apartment in Singapore. This is a special feature of the apartments at Vinhomes Times City - all rooms have a smart design to let in adequate natural light.

The children of the household eagerly await the delicious breakfast prepared by their father. Enjoying the sweet taste of banana bread with the family, Pannier says the school bus picks up the children every day at 8am. Pannier and his wife are at peace seeing them off, thanks to the strong security system. The traffic in the area is also smooth.

Pannier likes to read cookbooks sitting on the small chairs in the park, enjoying the soft sunshine of an
early summer.

Pannier reserves the morning time for himself. He likes to read cookbooks sitting on the small chairs in the park, enjoying the soft sunshine of an early summer.

Pannier has been a chef for many years, and he diligently takes out some time during the day to experiment and try new dishes. He purchases all the necessary ingredients from the huge Vincom MegaMall Trade Centre, spread across an area of over 230,000sq.m,which supplies thousands of high-quality products and services to customers.

Vinhomes Times City-Park Hill Premium looks like a miniature city.

Vinhomes Times City-Park Hill Premium looks like a miniature city, complete with amenities such as hospitals, schools, amusement parks as well as recreational services such as gym, yoga, tennis courts, badminton and basketball.


After sunset, the playground rings with the laughter of children as they enjoy slides, swings or the fountain, especially the water music square. Parents do not worry about the safety of their children as a security team is always on guard.

All residents enjoy the same facilities irrespective of whether they are owners or tenants. The management board organises community activities such as fairs, festivals, spring fairs, children’s festivals and summer activities to encourage participation of residents and better socialising among themselves.

Pannier’s family has registered for free swimming lessons for two years. “It is the focus on every small detail to enhance the life of the residents that makes me love this place more,” Pannier says.

Residents can interact with their neighbours from different countries during the weekend party. These regular engagement activities help families to bond better and share experiences.

Pannier’s life is the perfect example. After two years of stay in Vinhomes Times City, Pannier has completely integrated into the community and has made new friends.

If there is a place in Việt Nam that can make a foreigner feel at home, it is Vinhomes Times City-Park Hill Premium.

Vinhomes Serviced Residence is a brand name for renting apartments and villas of Vinhomes. This brand guarantees the rental and takes care of customers.

Vinhomes Times City is a modern urban area with synchronised and high-class facilities, such as VinSchool education system, VinCom MegaMall, water music hall, gymnasium, playground, outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Vinmec International Hospital is one of the few hospitals with a JCI certificate---the world’s leading medical quality assessment service, which is recognised in over 90 countries and is a “golden standard” in the world’s most reputed hospitals.

Vinhomes is currently offering the last few serviced apartments in Park 12 Vinhomes Times City - Park Hill Premium with many attractive offers.

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