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Embassy of Italy CJ Group
Embassy of Thailand Oxfam

Embassy of Mexico

Embassy of Turkey Siemens
Embassy of Panama Vietjet Air
Embassy of Srilanka ANN
Embassy of Bangladesh  WB                                          
Embassy of India  West Lake                                    
Embassy of Saudi Arabia WHO
Embassy of the Netherlands Standard Chartered Bank

Embassy of Singapore

Embassy of Bulgaria

Embassy of  Belarus

Embassy of Greece

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Embassy of Azerbaijan

Embassy of Indonesia

Embassy of Romania

Embassy of Phillipines

Embassy of Chile

Embassy of Colombia





Gamuda Land Viet Nam



Nguyen Cong Khuyen Hans Van Leeuwen            
Vu Ngan Binh Hari Chathrattil
Huyen Nguyen Terry Hartney
Phuong Ngo  
Nguyen Khanh Duong  
Ton Anh Thu  

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