Veterans’ message to APEC 2017!

Hoa Binh Green Da Nang’s newly-introduced in Da Nang city is a key project serving the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) 2017 Summit, which aspires to promote Vietnamese tourism.

The Hoa Binh Green Da Nang hotel complex will be put into operation with the aim of serving APEC 2017 Summit. – Photo courtesy of Hoa Binh Group

An aspiration named Hoa Binh!

On the rooftop of Hoa Binh Green Da Nang, towards the beautiful Tien Sa beach, is a symbol of two doves spreading their wings on a brilliant gold-coated globe having a diameter of 3m.

“The image of the doves flying above a globe is a message sent to the APEC High-Level Week: Wishing all the nations peace and harmony,” said Nguyen Huu Duong, Chairman of Hoa Binh Group, the investor in Hoa Binh Green Da Nang.

The project has more than 1,000 five-star standard gold-coated hotel rooms serving the APEC High-Level Week, which is about to take place in Da Nang in November. It was established and managed by experienced veterans who have successfully developed many real estate projects in Ha Noi.

Duong, who used to be a soldier, said that many wounded soldiers and veterans returning from the battlefield were worried about how to serve the country during peacetime. Duong and his teammates then decided to set up the Seriously-wounded Soldiers Association in 1987 with nine initial members – seven of them heavily wounded and two veterans – thus, establishing and developing the Hoa Binh Group.

The name Hoa Binh (peace) was chosen with the hope of a peaceful and developed nation.

After 30 years of establishment and development, three founders of Hoa Binh have passed away. The remaining members kept the fire burning, continuing to develop the group.

To date, the total number of employees in the group is 2,000, majority of whom are war invalids, wounded soldiers, veterans and children of policy beneficiary families. Hoa Binh Group has invested and operated in various areas such as food industry, heavy industry, trade and construction.

In 2004, the group made forays into the construction sector and two years later, inaugurated the 22-floor Hoa Binh International Twin Towers on Hoang Quoc Viet Street in Ha Noi’s Cau Giay. In 2010, the Hoa Binh Green Apartment, a 25-storey high-end apartment building, was completed in the capital. In 2014, the coated-gold building complex Hoa Binh Green City with more than 1,200 apartments and commercial centre was put into use.

All of Hoa Binh’s construction works are capable of withstanding earthquakes of level eight, with quality satisfying the strictest standards of foreign management corporations, such as The Ascott. In the past three years, the group has always been ranked as the most prestigious real estate developer in Viet Nam.

In May 2016, after meeting with the APEC 2017 Materials and Logistics Sub-committee, Duong was informed that there must be 14,500 five-star hotel rooms available to serve the APEC High-Level Week.

However, at that time, Da Nang only had 1,900 rooms meeting 5-star international standards. Therefore, Hoa Binh Group proposed that the municipal People’s Committee allow it to design and construct the Hoa Binh Green Da Nang with the aim of serving the APEC Summit.

“Recognising the importance of the APEC High-Level Week, as well as the positive effects that this significant political event would bring to Da Nang tourism in the future, we have mobilised all resources to complete the project with high quality, in accordance with the schedule committed to the Da Nang authorities,” Duong said.

“The project being selected to serve the APEC Summit is not only a great opportunity to promote the brand of Hoa Binh Group, but above all, it also contributes to spreading the image of Da Nang and Viet Nam to the world,” he added.

Doves - a symbol of peace - are released at the inauguration ceremony of Hoa Binh Green Da Nang. – Photo courtesy of
Hoa Binh Group

Project helps Viet Nam tourism take off

As a veteran, as well as a businessman, Duong was always concerned about the development of the country. He was also one of the initiators of the campaign ‘“Vietnamese use Vietnamese goods’” and has offered 25,000sq.m free of charge in the Ha Noi-based Hoa Binh Green City’s Trade Centre to businesses selling Vietnamese goods.

In the tourism sector, Duong realised that although the country’s tourism boasted great potential, the number international visitors remained modest.

Singapore has only 5.3 million inhabitants but welcomes more than 16.4 million tourists, because they have the Marina Bay Sands with a huge 151-m swimming pool on top. Meanwhile, Paris with the Eiffel Tower greets nearly 20 million visitors per year. Dubai, which has a population of more than 1 million people, receives nearly 30 million tourists annually, because it has Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower in the world.

Viet Nam lacks unique constructions to attract tourists, Duong said, adding that his aspiration is to promote Vietnamese tourism and introduce it to the world, helping the country attract some 50 million to 70 million visitors per year, and Hoa Binh Green is his first plan to achieve this.

“I think I must do something unique that the world does not have to impress international tourists. Therefore, I decided to build a 5-star gold-coated hotel project with the world’s largest gilded infinity swimming pool on top,” he said.

“I believe that the golden infinity pool of Hoa Binh Green Da Nang will not only bring visitors an unforgettable experience, but it will also become a must-visit destination for them when coming to Da Nang. I hope that when tourists leave Viet Nam, they will remember that Viet Nam has a gold-coated hotel and a gold-coated swimming pool,” Duong said.

Hoa Binh Group is run by war veterans. – Photo courtesy of Hoa Binh Group

In addition to this, Duong has also developed the project into a unique resort with a recreation service system to diversify tourism products, increasing the attractiveness of Da Nang.

The project also has a “Park of the World Wonders” with gold-coated works, such as Arc de Triomphe, Pyramid Tower and One Pillar Pagoda. In addition, it has five restaurants serving European, Asian and Vietnamese cuisines, besides a night market for tourists to buy local souvenirs and festivals, as well as arts programmes, and many other entertainment facilities such as a casino, gym, spa, zoological museum and an exercise centre for the obese.

Duong has invested more than US$10 million to purchase equipment to set up a 2,000-sq.m International General Clinic, equipped with modern facilities operated by a team of prestigious doctors from the US, France, Singapore and Viet Nam. The medical examination results of the clinic will be recognised worldwide, thereby allowing domestic and foreign visitors to access medical services right at the resort.

Hoa Binh Green Da Nang is just the beginning of Duong’s plan to help Vietnamese tourism take off. Duong’s long-term and hardship goal is to build 63 trade centres throughout Viet Nam to promote the sale of goods and products, as well as tourism.

Duong is further planning to build a shopping centre complex at the centre of Da Nang. This trade centre will offer free space for businesses to sell goods, and thus stimulate consumer demand and product consumption, creating a centralised shopping destination in Da Nang.

At the opening ceremony of Hoa Binh Green Da Nang, Duong said that what Hoa Binh Group is doing is a token of gratitude to his teammates who have sacrificed.

“War veterans like us are always thinking that when we close our eyes and meet our fellow soldiers in the other world, they will ask us what we have done for the country, while they sacrificed for the freedom of the country,” Duong said.

Thus, despite being heavily wounded, Duong and his teammates are still working day and night to build more and more buildings, and bring prosperity to the country.