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Tasty răng bừa cake

Update: November, 17/2017 - 09:00
A tray of răng bừa cake from Thanh Hoá Province. — VNS File Photo.
Viet Nam News

THANH HOÁ — Visitors to Thanh Hoá Province are recommended to try the răng bừa cake, also called rice cake.

Rice is ground cooked with water in a pan until it becomes a viscous mixture.

The fillings inside the cake vary depending on the purpose: If the cake is made to eat, inside is mostly meat and onion; if made for worshipping or visiting a pagoda, it is peanut. 

The cake is wrapped in banana or phrynuim leaves that are dried over a fire.

In the past răng bừa cakes were made mostly made during holidays or occasions such as Tết or death anniversaries.

During these occasions families often take part in a secret contest to make rice cakes, where the woman of each family has the chance to show off her skilled hands and cooking talent. — VNS

Lê Hùng Vọng

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