Training for rectors and teachers following globalization trends

Hanoi, Sep 20th, 2019 - With the objective of improving the management capacity and professional capacity for rectors of kindergartens and K-12 education systems, as well as high school core teachers, a training programme for nearly 500 rectors and high school teachers in Hanoi was jointly organized by the Department of Education and Training in Hanoi and British University Vietnam (BUV). The opening ceremony took place on September 20, 2019 at BUV Ecopark campus.

The programme is executed under the project "Building and Improving the Capacity of Cadres and Civil Servants in Hanoi", which is running from 2017 to 2020 and was officially launched in 2018.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr Pham Van Dai, deputy director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, said: “I hope that our educational managers attending the training course will take this chance to utilise and learn from the advanced knowledge and experience of the trainers. According to the commitment made by the Personnel Division and the training provider, they will provide excellent trainers to deliver both knowledge and experience, so I believe the lessons will be very interesting.”

The training programme is designed for a wide range of trainees including the rectors of kindergartens, elementary, secondary and high schools, as well as high school teachers.

For the rectors, the programme is designed to help them improve their management capacity to meet the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education and training, based on the current trends of international integration.

The training course will give rectors knowledge of education management following modern trends in the context of educational globalisation, while helping them in understanding school administration in a modern way with practical applications from advanced education systems. Many topics will be presented such as ‘“Changing Governance” in Education’; ‘Innovative Strategy, Innovation and Creative Enhancement for Leadership’; ‘Mobilizing or Mounting? Building a community engagement education environment’; ‘Social Connections to Building a Healthy and Friendly Education Environment’; ‘Active Teaching, Student-Centered Learning Experience’; and ‘Management of High School student assessment under CBE system (capacity-based education)’, among others.

For high school core teachers, the programme will help improve their professional competencies and teaching methods in three areas: globalisation, localisation and specialisation.

Many practical topics will be focused on during the training programme, such as (Scaffolding) Teaching method of Strat; the method of preparing the modern Bloom-oriented lesson; the methodology of assessment of high school student capacity; the method of teaching classification of students by level, and many more.

Both training programmes combine classroom lessons and field trips at schools in Hanoi under the guidance of international instructors with advanced experience in education and training. BUV's state-of-the-art facilities embedded with advanced teaching technologies will give the best support to trainees and contribute to improving the quality of training.

Prof. Dr Raymond Gordon – Vice Chancellor and President of British University Vietnam, said: “BUV through its Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, which is certified by both Cambridge University International and the University of London, has an opportunity to share its knowledge and experience in the most recent international developments in education leadership, education environments and administration. BUV is honored to have been given this opportunity by DOET to conduct the training programme and hope that we can offer much more in the field of professional development for people in the education sector.”

With a commitment to support the Vietnamese government in improving teaching quality at all levels to take advantage of the opportunities of Industry 4.0, British University Vietnam has partnered with the Ministry of Education and Training to deliver world class training programmes to Vietnamese teachers and rectors, giving them the opportunity to access advanced and up-to-date pedagogical knowledge and methods.

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