TNR Stars Đồng Văn appears

Thanks to favourable mechanism and the legal corridor, the northern province of H Nam is attracting more investment projects in the locality. The real estate sector, in particular, is increasingly changing the landscape of the province, creating satellite cities and new habitats.

Favourable Investment Environment

H Nam is an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign investors, especially for big corporations. Over the past years, the province has implemented synchronous solutions to improve the business investment environment, creating favourable conditions for enterprises to operate. The provincial authorities pay attention to reforming administrative procedures and strengthening public inspection in order to reduce the harassment situation, which causes difficulties for enterprises and investors.

After a lot of efforts to improve the environment and enhance the competitiveness capacity, H Nam has attracted a large wave of investment for the province in a short time. Of which, the real estate market with large-scale projects has contributed to changing the face of the province’s urban areas, including TNR Stars Đồng Văn.

Being one of the projects, which is expected to contribute greatly to changing the face of Đồng Văn’s urban landscape in the future, TNR Stars Đồng Văn received special support from local authorities. With exact construction items, the project may even be completed before the targeted schedule.

The traffic and lighting system of project TNR Stars Đồng Văn is 100 per cent complete.

The central roads of the project have all the basic infrastructure, especially in Thanh Mai sub-area where the landscape green system has been finished. The traffic and lighting system in the Times Square area and the Thảo Nguyn street and lighting are also 100 per cent complete. The project’s gate, in accordance with the eco-architectural style, is in its final stages with the creation of substrates and landscapes. The construction items in the sub-zones — Kim Ngn, Ngọc Bich, Lm Vin, Hồng Ngọc — are 70 per cent complete.

This is one of the rare projects in H Nam Province that is being implemented according to the planned schedule.

Satellite Urban Area

In the heart of Đồng Văn, conveniently located near markets, rivers and roads, TNR Stars Đồng Văn is the hub connecting the main axis roads and existing residential neighbourhoods via two fronts — the Nguyễn Hữu Tiến and L Cong Thanh streets. From here, residents have to take just a 10-minute ride to reach the centre of Phủ Lý City, as well as to the main roads connecting the major cities in the north.

With a total area of ​​46ha, the project is divided into five sub-zones with names of unique and vibrant flowers — Thanh Mai, Hồng Ngọc, Kim Ngn, Ngọc Bich and Lm Vin. According to the plan, the construction density of this project is less than 34 per cent with diversified forms such as shophouse and villas, offering residents the experiences of high-class living with comfortable facilities, but remaining very close to nature in accordance with standards of TNR Eco Stars.

TNR Stars Đồng Văn will be the highlight of the landscape to change the face of Đồng Văn’s urban landscape in the future.

From the windows of each apartment, residents can view an endless green expanse, enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful lakes and feast their eyes on the flowers in the inner-city walkway system. This can only be found in the system of the five green parks while the square is arranged harmoniously and is the heart of the entire project.

Education is always a priority investment of TNR Holdings projects. TNR Stars Đồng Văn has invested to build high-quality schools from kindergarten to high school, promising to be an ideal environment for children to develop physically and intellectually.

In addition, the commercial centre with many services will meet the demands of residents’ entertainment, shopping, eating, beauty, health and gym needs. In particular, residents of TNR Stars Đồng Văn can find private spots right in the centre of the pedestrian plaza or square area.

The system of five parks and squares gives residents a fresh living space.

Being the leading model urban area in H Nam province, TNR Stars Đồng Văn is equipped with comprehensive infrastructure from the start. In addition to the landscape and privileged utility design, this project has a multi-layered security system to control and secure the entire area, as well as commercial service centres and markets to meet the basic daily needs of residents.

Designed by talented architects and backed by an investor, TNR Stars Đồng Văn promises to bring residents new experiences and a modern lifestyle with all the comforts, while still being close to nature.

TNR Stars Dong Van officially begins receiving deposits on November 1, 2017, via the following four official distributors:

VietHomes – Hotline: 0934 955 558

An Việt Hưng – Hotline: 0987 12 5678

Quỳnh Chi Land – Hotline: 0963 469 716

TNB Land – Hotline: 0976260026

Investor Website: