TNR Holdings to launch luxury project in Hà Nam

TNR Holdings Việt Nam (TNR Holdings) will officially launch on December 10 the TNR Stars Đồng Văn project — the most luxurious urban area project in the northern province of Hà Nam with prime location, unique landscape and a wide range of utilities.

The launch will be held at the Mường Thanh Hà Nam Hotel and is expected to gather some 1,500 guests. Customers participating in the launch ceremony will be provided with information on the project and will have the opportunity to become a resident here by getting preferential prices, as well as receive many attractive gifts having a total value of up to VNĐ640 million, including Honda SH 1501 motorcycle, Honda Lead motorcycle, Electrolux refrigerator and Smart TV LG.


TNR Stars Đồng Văn brings residents dream living space and unprecedented investment opportunities
in Hà Nam.

Unique landscape

TNR Star Đồng Văn is located at the centre of Đồng Văn and is expected to become the main satellite of Duy Tiên town in the future. This area will be a hub linking the major routes and existing residential neighbourhoods. From here, residents will only have to make a 10-minute ride to get to the centre of Phủ Lý city, as well as to the main road heading towards the major cities in the north.

TNR Stars Đồng Văn project is divided into five sub-areas with three types of constructions, which are shophouses, villas and adjacent houses. They are named after precious and colourful flowers of Thanh Mai, Hồng Ngọc, Kim Ngân, Ngọc Bích and Lâm Viên. Residents living here can experience a world-class life with modern facilities, at the same time be close to the nature.

The Thanh Mai sub-area, comprising 424 land plots, will be covered with yellow peacock flowers and pudding pipe trees.

The Hồng Ngọc sub-area, with 367 land plots, will ensure a healthy and joyful life for the residents because of its many kinds of pink-coloured flowers, such as cherry blossoms and tabebuia rosea, grown in the Hòa Bình Park, Light Avenue and Times Avenue.

The Kim Ngân sub-area, consisting of 385 land plots, will bring residents interesting experiences while walking on its colourful paths that would be covered with purple giant crape-myrtle and red poinciana flowers.

Giving a noble living space would be the Ngọc Bích sub-area with 195 land plots, showcasing many species of green features such as money plants and aroid palm.

The last sub-area, Lâm Viên, is created to be a blue paradise of flowers with pure features, such as lavender and blue daze at Thiên Thủy and Thiên Thanh parks.

Unique landscapes and high-end utilities of TNR Eco Stars raise the living standards for residents.

Luxury benefits

TNR Stars Đồng Văn is an iconic eco-urban area under the TNR Holdings Vietnam brand name. This project brings Ha Nam a dream resort space according to the TNR Eco Stars standard, through its level of utility, top design and unique landscape.

By choosing to live here, residents will be able to enjoy its green expanse, take in the fresh air brought in by the balancing reservoir and contemplate the brilliant colours of the flowers grown along the side of the internal walkway system.

TNR Stars Đồng Văn also has a system of schools from kindergarten to high school of high quality, which would make it an ideal environment for children to develop comprehensively, both physically and intellectually.

TNR Stars Đồng Văn has the complete infrastructure system to meet the most basic needs of the residents.

In addition to these, the commercial centre will have adequate services to meet the residents’ needs for entertainment, shopping, dining, beauty, health and gym, along with local markets that would be equipped to serve the most basic daily needs.

Designed by talented architects and nurtured by the enthusiasm of the investor, TNR Stars Đồng Văn promises to bring residents the new living experience of a modern, comfortable and environment-friendly lifestyle.

TNR Stars Đồng Văn officially received deposit from November 1, with four official distribution:

VietHomes - Hotline: 0934 955 558

An Viet Hung - Hotline: 0987 12 5678

Quỳnh Chi Land - Hotline: 0963 469 716

TNB Land - Hotline: 0976260026

Investor Website: