The super-rich in Việt Nam – status through a masterpiece, King Palace

The rapid rising prosperity in part of Vietnamese society in recent years has brought a series of super services and products from daily life activities, transportation to real estate to serve this class.

The rapid rising prosperity in part of Vietnamese society in recent years has brought a series of super services and products from daily life activities, transportation to real estate to serve this class.

Neighborhoods and towns dedicated to the rich have long been formed in the world. As a result, along with the steady development of the economy, the Vietnamese super-rich has gradually formed with its own cultural and philosophical community.

The super-rich in Vietnam is increasing rapidly.

According to the report of Wealth-X on the world's wealthy people, Vietnam's millionaire population growth among the world's fastest and placed in the top 10. The country's High Net Worth (assets from 1 to under 30 million USD) population is set to grow by 10.1 percent each year in the 2018-2023 period. This growth is attributed to the substantial rise of super-rich individuals in Vietnam who own property and can invest at least $ 30 million, excluding personal assets and real estates such as primary residence, collection, or consumer property. Also, owning a high-class real estate is considered as one of the critical factors to honor the position of this class. Investors and real estate experts point out that it is the luxury and the "million-dollar" price that makes high-class real estate lines attractive to the super-rich.

However, when the national land fund for the center area is exhausted, the Vietnamese real estate market is witnessing many businesses "evacuate" to the suburbs for development. High-end projects are increasingly absent in the inner city area, making the market in this segment always in a shortage of supply. This issue has caused the demand and prices of luxury apartments are always high and increasing year by year. Therefore, owning a luxury apartment in the inner city is always a "challenge" that every wealthy person wants to overcome. Thus, having such a place for themselves can help them to assert themselves, optimize the relationship, thereby highlighting the image and personal brand.

Where the super-rich live to show their status?

If the super-rich in the US goes to "places" such as Beverly Hills (California), Medina (Washington), or The Golden Triangle of Greenwich, Hong Kong has an expensive neighborhood called The Peak; Cheongdamdong, Seoul, is a luxurious place with private facilities in Korea. Then the upper class in Hanoi will now also enjoy an additional "place," the super luxurious project - King Palace - A place for the Kings.

King Palace was born to meet the aspiration of a high-class - luxury real estate of Hanoi super-rich. Located at a premium position - 108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan District, King Palace rises as a symbol of prosperity, a milestone marking a new development path of Hanoi in the 21st century. From the project, the residents can easily connect with the arterial roads to reach the center of the ancient cultural city of thousands of years of civilization or get to other dynamic and developing parts of the capital. 

Designed by DP Design (Singapore), 79Pro Vietnam, and S-Design, the sophisticated and fashionable beauty of King Palace make it an exclusively reserved palace for the "Kings." The 36-story King Palace Complex rises proudly in the sky, showing a prosperous and fulfilled life. The amenities are cleverly arranged by the investor throughout the building, from the first floor to the rooftop to help residents enjoy life, satisfying all the needs from the basic to the most luxurious.

The building has a commercial service center with a series of brands and high-class restaurants. Gym with fully modern equipment according to 5-star standards, helping to take care of residents' health, fitness, and wellbeing. The rooftop swimming pool also offers an exciting experience with a panoramic view of the entire city. The aerial garden creates an airy and fresh space that allows the residents to get immersed in nature and find peace of mind. 

With a multi-layer security system, technical infrastructure integrated with intelligent technologies, leading the trend of the 4.0 era, etc. brings the perfect life for the future "kings."

On October 31st, 2019, CenLand – the firm with more than 17 years of experience in the distribution and development investment of real estate projects has officially become the exclusive distributor of King Palace. CenLand will serve as a bridge to bring the "super branded real estate" to the right owners.

All of these factors have contributed a genuinely classy and unique King Palace, worthy "where Kings live," creating a new standard for a luxury apartment, and above all, become the place that shows the "true level" of the owners.

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