The Strategic Partnership
Signing Ceremony between
TNI Holdings Vietnam and Savills Vietnam

On the morning of June 9, 2020, the signing ceremony of a strategic partnership between TNI Holdings Vietnam and Savills Vietnam was officially held at TNI Holdings Vietnam head office with the participation of leaders and representatives of the parties. Accordingly, Savills Vietnam will officially become a consultant for leasing and strategic communication of Industrial Parks that TNI Holdings Vietnam is developing and managing. This event marks the first step in the long-term strategic partnership between TNI Holdings Vietnam and Savills Vietnam for the goal of sustainable development and business growth.

The signing ceremony on June 9, 2020

Speaking at the event, Ms. Pham Hong Thuy, General Director of TNI Holdings Vietnam stated: “We believe that today's cooperation of TNI Holdings Vietnam and Savills Vietnam will help to develop the business performance of both sides. This cooperation is also an important step for both TNI Holdings Vietnam and Savills Vietnam to become faster, stronger and more efficient in order to improve their competitiveness in the market."

Also, at the ceremony, Savills Vietnam representative, Mr. John Campbell, shared: “We are very proud to be selected to become a strategic consulting partner of TNI Holdings Vietnam, one of the leading industrial park solution providers in Viet Nam nowadays. This partnership once again confirms Savills' efforts in expanding the business of Industrial Parks to the Northern market, in order to provide customers and partners with quality and reputable consulting and brokerage services."

At the signing ceremony of the strategic partnership, Ms. Pham Hong Thuy, General Director of TNI Holdings Vietnam, introduced an overview of TNI Holdings Vietnam to bring a panoramic view of Industrial Parks.

Que Vo III Industrial Park - Developed and managed by TNI Holdings Vietnam

With more than 20 years' experience in Industrial Parks, up to now, TNI Holdings Vietnam (a member of TNG Holdings Vietnam) is proud to possess and manage 11 industrial parks on an area of ​​over 2,000 hectares, in which the average occupancy rate always reaches 85%. With nearly 500 investment projects, the industrial parks developed and managed by TNI Holdings Vietnam are workplaces with more than 300,000 workers, focusing on the fields of electricity, electronics, assembly technology, processing, manufacturing, food industry, supporting industries for automobile manufacturing, weaving, dying and garments. Among them, there are nearly 400 foreign enterprises, mainly from Japan, China, the US, Germany, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with total investment capital attracted of over US$4 billion. In the next 5-year development strategy, TNI Holdings Vietnam will continue to expand and invest in five new industrial parks at strategic locations with a total scale of nearly 1,500 hectares.  

The development and expansion of industrial parks aims to create valuable investment destinations for domestic as well as foreign investors to enhance production, contributing to increasing revenue for the country. Since then, the Industrial Parks have contributed in changing the local economy, building the reputation about projects that TNI Holdings Vietnam has invested in. TNI Holdings Vietnam will continue to gain more breakthrough achievements on the way to achieve and satisfy major investors around the world.