The first building in Hanoi with unique
inter-floor design

With up to 1,200 m2 of office area for lease per floor and flexible inter-floor options, Capital Place is one of a few grade A office buildings in Hanoi that is capable of providing a large office floor area for lease with convenience and flexibility.

The achievements in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic have made Vietnam’s investment environment more attractive than ever before. According to the Foreign Investment Agency (Ministry of Planning and Investment), after the decline a few months earlier, FDI inflows to Vietnam in June 2020 have increased again. The scale of new investment projects also increased significantly and several large-scale production projects have emerged. Besides, the participation of many multinational corporations with large-scale personnel has created a positive bright spot for the office leasing market.

Foreseeing that trend, from Quarter 3 2020, CapitaLand’s first Grade A office building in Hanoi will be in operation, bringing impressive designs and amenities that will meet the needs of every business.

Column-free design with up to 1,200 m2 per floor

Capital Place's 37 stories twin-towers provide nearly 93,000 m2 of office floor area, making it the largest international grade A office space in Hanoi today. It will also be the only grade A office project entering the office leasing market in 2020 (CBRE).

Capital Place's column-free design offer up to 1,200 m2 per floor. Accordingly, all the pillar systems are pushed into the corners, ensuring the largest open floor area, optimising all interior designs as well as avoiding wasting “dead corners” that are common in offices with middle pillars.

The entire office space is surrounded by 2.7m tall glass covered from floor to ceiling, creating an open space full of natural light and a 360-degree panorama view. The building uses the highest quality glass, lowE with 2 layers of soundproof, heat - proof, anti - UV, according to the standards of grade A office buildings, contribute to reducing electricity consumption.

Possessing an ideal floor plan, 100% spectacular view and natural light, businesses at Capital Place can freely design creative workspaces, whether it is a traditional, modern or smart office, without being hindered by factors caused by the building’s structure.

Flexible inter-floor options

Not only possessing an outstanding large floor area, but Capital Place is also the only building that can connect adjacent office floors privately and efficiently. Accordingly, customers wishing to have the inter-floor option between 2 or more floors can install private stairs at pre-calculated positions. Instead of waiting for a shared elevator which may cause many inconveniences during rush hour, customers can now quickly use the internal transportation system quickly and easily.

The inter-floor design also enhances the modernity and elegance of the office space with sophisticated designed spiral staircases that look over the energetic workspace. Business guests will immediately be overwhelmed by the classy design when visiting the office space.

Leading designs

With experience in developing many luxury office buildings in 32 countries, CapitaLand brings to Capital Place the unique characteristics of a leading project. With 32 high-speed elevators/2 towers, assigned to individual zones to reduce waiting time for guests. At the grand atrium is the check-in system which uses smart cards, ensuring high security for the building whilst the system will also help to select the fastest elevator for guests.

With air pollution in Hanoi being what it is, an advanced air filtration system with Merv 13 filters that keep out harmful particles of up to 0.4 micrometres is equipped throughout the building to ensure healthy air quality inside. Capital Place is also the first building in Hanoi to be constructed following the LEED Gold standard (certified American standard for green building) with large green space and sustainable characteristics.

Capital Place will be in operation from the third quarter 2020, the building is dedicated to serving the highest needs of tenants and setting a new level for an international grade A office building in the heart of the capital. The project also marked the journey of more than 25 years of investment and companion with Vietnam by CapitaLand from Singapore, Asia’s largest diversified real estate group.

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