The critical factors that determine The 9 Stellars’s value

More than half a century ago, Rosslyn in northern Virginia, across the Potomac River, was just a wasteland of cold warehouses next to dreary auto repair stations. After several transport-oriented development (TOD) complexes were completed in 1977, such as the modern subway system, the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor has become one of the most dynamic areas for successful young residents in the United States. A series of luxury complexes springing up next to splendid shopping centers and a modern infrastructure in harmony with the green landscape of the park and avenues have turned Rosslyn into one of the most livable places for young residents in the United States.

SonKim Land has adopted 'The Rosslyn model' to develop The 9 Stellars in East Saigon - the new mecca of the HCMC real estate market. A perfect combination of modern architectural style and innovative solutions among nature with the National Historical & Cultural Park, Golf Course, and Dong Nai River as key factors that creates value for The 9 Stellars, helping to attract a community of young and successful lifestyle connoisseurs.

The 9 Stellars - the perfect combination of architecture and technology on the green natural landscape.


Modern architectural style

To become an ideal destination for the young generation of home buyers, The 9 Stellars devotes itself to modernity, dynamism and luxury in design style.

Similar in appearance to many modern complexes in crowded areas such as Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan) or Shatin (Hong Kong), The 9 Stellars looks like the soaring sound of Western architecture, interwoven with the charm of Eastern culture and landscape characteristics. The magnificence and modernity of the condominium tower with its high ceilings and glass windows that open up unlimited views embracing the breathtaking surroundings, and the timeless elegance of the villas amidst generous nature at The 9 Stellars help to connect the indoor and outdoor, human and nature.

The influence of Western architecture is intertwined with the characteristics of the Eastern landscape.

Meanwhile, modern shopping and entertainment centers with a range of high-end fashion stores will create memorable experiences of a dynamic yet harmonious lifestyle. In the future, with the completion of synchronous infrastructure, The 9 Stellars is located in one of the largest shopping centers and a new check-in address for young people in the area include a seven-hectare shopping center next to the Mien Dong bus station. 

The architectural picture of The 9 Stellars will become even more perfect thanks to its top-notch amenities. Moreover, The 9 Stellars residents will inherit full external facilities of Thu Duc City – from reputable universities such as Fulbright University, FPT University, Nguyen Tat Thanh University; to hospitals, banks, and retail & entertainment complexes nearby in just a few minutes’ walk.  

The 9 Stellars’ Urban Villa is not only an ideal place to live in the midst of nature but also an effective investment with sustainable value.

The 9 Stellars townhouses are sought after by savvy investors thanks to a limit in volume. For them, it’s not only ideal living space in nature but also an investment tool with sustainable profit potentials.

Peaceful green space with immeasurable nature values

Never has green space been such a key criterion for homebuyers as it is today. According to a UBS report, the COVID-19 pandemic has emptied CBDs, leading to a suburban resurgence. Homebuyers around the world - from New York, San Francisco to London - are fleeing crowded cities in favor of suburban spaces that can promote their mental and physical health while preserving as an asset in the context of the unpredicted economy. 

Besides advantages of modern infrastructures such as Mien Dong Bus Station and Metro Line 1 station, The 9 Stellars inherits immeasurable nature values ​​from the green Cultural and Historical Park of ​​about 700ha and the Vietnam Golf & Country Club golf course. It has been dubbed as the last remaining 'green lung' in the area, bringing intangible value with wide-open spaces that help to improve the quality of the landscape. The chorus of modern architecture and premium amenities will resound against the green background of trees, interwoven with the sounds of the wind and birds, giving you a memorable experience of life value.

The marriage of modern architecture and premium amenities on the green nature landscape will provide a great quality of life.

With the mentioned advantages, The 9 Stellars is expected to become an ideal living space, meeting the strict requirements of the local and foreign elite, and at the same time a wise investment tool with proper profit value.