The big turning point of Ecoworld Group was its
launch in Dubai

Brand competition is always fierce, so brands have to campaign with well-invested media campaigns constantly. To mark your brand presence on the market, it requires your best campaign strategy. Recently, the Vietnamese market has witnessed two exciting launching events, which are the Vinfast launching event in Paris, and Ecoworld launched the Ecoshare project on 30 September 2019 in Dubai. Here are three similarities between those two brands that might surprise you:

1. Breaking down prejudice against "Vietnamese goods", proudly launching "domestic products" in the international market

It is undeniable that there was a prejudice that "Vietnamese goods are not good". Nowadays, those stereotypes have been gradually overshadowed by the appearance of Vietnamese brands with quality products that meet international standards. Last year, Vietnamese was finally able to own a car which entirely built by a Vietnamese brand – Vinfast. Once again, this year, everyone proudly witnessed Ecoworld officially launched  Ecoshare on over the world, and Ecogo project on 30 September 2019 in Dubai. Ecoshare is a sharing application developed based on the blockchain platform. This app will display the locations and associated units registered with Ecoshare called Agent Share. Creating an ecosystem of linking Ecoworld and Agent Share, partners will receive a lot of benefits when participating.

"Vietnamese domestic goods" are now entirely qualified to conquer the Vietnamese market as well as other international markets.

2. Despite just being a start-up company, Ecoworld Inc. was successful in gaining credibility in the market

The excellent result of this well-established investment in the international market is to leave a deep impression as well as successfully build the reputation of the brand. Both Vinfast and Ecoworld are still new brands; therefore, building trust in customer's minds is not easy. So, by creating buzz and attraction through an ambitious launch event is a very wise, strategic step, in the context of fierce competition by thousands of businesses established every day

3. Core values of development is 4.0 technology

If Vinfast can be proud to be the first Vietnamese brand to produce cars successfully, which met international standard and qualified to be compared with other big car brands in the world; Ecoworld with Ecoshare - Ecogo project has successfully attracted the attention of more than 500 investors who were present at the launching event on 30 September 2019. Mr. Hero Vu - Chairman of Ecoworld, announced that:"The digital revolution of Ecoshare - Payasian – Ecoworld project will change your point of view regarding the world in the next 3-5 years, because Ecoshare digital platform is being built based on a combination of Mobile Technology (Fintech) + Internet Of Thing + Artificial Intelligence (AI) + BigData + Blockchain. We call it a masterpiece by connecting ECOID technology "as a commitment and affirming the superiority of the project.

To expand the market and promote the brand, Ecoworld has planned to organize new events in Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As follows:

In Korea on November 30, 2019, launching EcoID and Payasian

In Hong Kong on May 30, 2020, the Group's Blockchain launch named EcoChain and EcoWallet Smart Wallet solution was launched.

And September 30, 2020 - Ecoworld will launch a digital bank - the first electronic bank in the world of EcoBank in Singapore.