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A charity project that also helps the helper

Update: February, 11/2016 - 08:00

by Moc Mien

The Lunar New Year holiday in the country always seems to coincide with harsh weather. Ha Noi and many northern provinces, especially, have been experiencing the coldest weather in 40 years. In some of the higher regions in the North, the temperature has fallen to even-6 degrees Celsius. So terrible! Charity and volunteer work seem to have become more exciting than ever.

While surfing the Internet and noticing some community articles on charity work, I suddenly remember a young man named Doan Tran Anh Tuan in HCMC, who started a new project called "Hire Me Now" in order to spend accumulated money to buy things for vulnerable people such as the elderly, poor, orphans and children with HIV.

Tuan said the idea came from his experience in a reality game show in which he realised that money was less important than the life experiences he collected. Then Tuan started the "Hire Me Now" project to create opportunities for himself to experience life and help people in need.

"The spirit of the first project was inspiring and influential. I conducted the project myself, thanks to that," Nguyen Thu Ha, 25, excitedly said.

Many other young people, who are continuing to spread the idea behind "Hire Me Now", think differently. They are willing to set aside their time to do anything for about VND200,000 an hour if it is not against the law, the fine traditions and common sense. After that, they spend all the money they make to buy new things for the poor, children with HIV, orphans and people with disabilities.

"I am very surprised at the idea of buying new items for people in need rather than collecting old things, as has been done before. It can make a great impact on the beneficiaries. It's about respect, appreciation, love and adaptation," Do Huyen My, 30, said.

As mentioned, the charity work done by young people are part of their own valuable experiences.

"This is the first time I have ever introspected and noted the kinds of jobs I can do. I think about it carefully and write them down in detail. I try my best to prepare a true and real profile of myself, including my abilities, skills, qualifications and personality. I want to be hired right away," Tran Hoang Quan, a project member, said.

"I seem to be more careful with this than with my job application letters," Ha said, laughing.

The young people exploit their abilities in their charity work. Those who have rich experience in event management, marketing, sales and teaching spend hours brainstorming with those who pay, helping them discover a different angle to their business. Those who can listen are paid to share a bad day with some people. Moreover, they can work as models for photography, housekeepers, cooks and typists, besides computer technicians.

"Only after I experienced the ‘Hire Me Now' project could I compare how different my free time was before I joined and after. Now I have numerous opportunities to immerse myself in real life as well as help other people," Ha said.

Although the "Hire Me Now" idea has been spreading, getting a lot of approval and support from several people, it doesn't mean that everyone is ready to join. Besides, some people are doubtful whether young people can handle particular jobs.

"I am a busy housewife with two babies. I am impressed with the 'Hire Me Now' idea and would like to help. But I wonder whether young guys are able to look after children and are trustworthy," Nguyen Thu Van, 36, said.

It is just one of several things that the young charity workers face during their projects. But they don't hesitate to continue their work.

"Just do it. Some day, someone will get something good for himself. I believe so," Quan said. — VNS

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