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Exercise with qigong for a better sex life

Update: November, 15/2015 - 01:19

by Moc Mien

In the past 10 years, physical training has become ever more popular among urban Vietnamese people.

These are not just the middle-aged but young people who do not want to suffer diseases or illnesses resulted from aging. That is the reason why quite a few fitness centres have come up, drawing thousands of people from the middle income group to the upper classes.

Such centres as the California Fitness and Yoga Centre, Elite, N Shape and others can sell a lot of membership cards although it is not sale off season.

"Right after I turned 25, I felt that my body witnessed certain changes. I did not exercise every day. However, now it has become an indispensable part of my daily life," Nguyen Hoang Ly, 28, said.

Ly has not joined any of the fitness centres but spends three days in a week at a qigong club. It is quite unusual for a young woman like Ly.

"I do not find any connection with fitness exercises because I do not like the hash and rush training. My family has a tradition of oriental herbal medicine, so I believe in saving the body with balancing blood and vitality as well as the yin and yang elements," she added.

The endocrine system in women is very complicated, leading to the difficulties in keeping their beauty and health long lasting. The qigong exercise helps improve breathing techniques to make it work best, which seems much more effective than other fitness exercises.

Another reason for Ly joining the club is that it offers many exercises that trigger the functions of sex organs, which in turn make the sex life of practitioners more active and healthy.

Tran Van Nam, 33, confessed: "I used to have much pain in my back and legs. My hair dropped a lot. Despite being just 30, the quality of my sex life has somewhat decreased." Tran Van Nam, 33, confessed.

Sex has never been a topic to be discussed in public for the Vietnamese but is still a matter of concern to them.

According to Tran Hoi Van, trainer at the Himalaya Qigong club, it is very easy to practise qigong. It is all about applying right breathing techniques and some special movement exercises to harmonise the blood and vitality, making it function naturally and smoothly. The qigong exercises also focus on some key spots in the human body (according to Chinese acupuncture) to activate the energy of humans.

"I used to suffer from serious osteoarthritis. I nearly had to lie on the bed my whole life, not to mention that I had no sex life at that time. Since qigong came into my life, I have received a new lease of life, and become so energised and alive. Now, I am even better than when I was young." Van said.

The good thing about the men who practise qigong is that they do not believe in outer supports such as medicine or functional food. They believe in a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and exercise to bring them good health and sex life. As for the women, both unmarried and those who have children, also believe in the exercises.

"During a practice session, when moving from one exercise to another, we are asked to hold our breath and contract the vaginal muscle. It sounds like the Kegel exercise for both woman and man." Nguyen Thu Lan, 29, shared.

Some other male members of the club are shy to share information on quality of their sex life but they often discuss it together and encourage each other to practise more at home. It is because they want their manhood to be admired and to make their women much happier. — VNS

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