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Youth struggle to find employment opportunities

Update: August, 08/2012 - 09:15

by Trung Hieu


In today's difficult economic climate, many people who worked hard to obtain skills and experience remain unemployed.

Many of them are just too picky. As soon as they change their way of thinking, a new door may open to them.

At Ha Noi's job promotion centre in Trung Kinh Street, Phan Thanh Hoa, a recent graduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, was still buried in a book of employment information at 4pm.

"I hope I will soon find a job to end my year of unemployment," she said.

Hoa said she had applied for jobs several times during the past year, but she still received the same reply: "Just wait to hear from us". Anxious, she applied for posts at a PR company and some other offices as a white-collar worker. But she had no luck.

"Some companies called me for an interview, but it turned out that they only wanted to employ a salesperson," she said sadly.

Each employment information exchange session at this centre often attracts about 2,500 young people eager to find jobs.

Nguyen Van Ninh, who graduated from Trade Union College, could not find a job for nearly a year, even though he applied to dozens of companies.

"Before starting to hunt for a job, I took several courses for both information technology and soft skills. I also took part in many volunteering and social activities to gain a variety of experiences. During interviews, the employers seemed to like me, so I don't know why I was not employed," he said.

It's not only new graduates who find it difficult to get a job. Even those who have years of experience struggle to get hired.

Le Minh, deputy head of the business sector of a trading company, quit his job because of a dispute with his boss. Now, after nearly a year of unemployment, he still has no job offers.

"When I was still working, many companies invited me to work for them. But today, when I left the job, they only gave me promises," he said. "Sometimes I thought of returning to my former company, although I always hesitated. During this difficult economic time, having a stable job is a very good thing. I often advise my younger friends that they should not think that "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".

According to General Statistics Office, in the first half of this year, 26,324 enterprises were dissolved all over the country, an increase of 5.4 per cent compared to the same period last year. This caused a huge spike in unemployment.

But although these economic difficulties undeniably worsen the situation, the fact remains that many young people are unemployed simply because they are too picky.

A graduate from the Foreign Trade University recently caused others in the same situation to grumble when she said she would only work for a company that could pay her an initial salary of about US$700-800 a month.

"It was nonsense! How can she find such a job while she has almost no experience?" said Phong Lan, a graduate from the same university.

Vu Trung Chinh, director of Ha Noi Job Promotion Centre, said: "Many young people think that if they apply to many companies and register for dozens of posts, they will quickly find a job. But this may not help if they do not set specific goals. I've read many application letters that were written in a very general way, rather than targeted at a specific company. This kind of letter is not likely to be successful."

Pham Thi Tam, head of the personnel department of a State-run corporation, said that if young people focus only on having a high salary, they will find it very hard to get a job.

"Young people should not be too choosy and wait for a high-salary job. If the salary is acceptable, and the job offers a good working environment with opportunities to develop, make progress and get promotions, you should grasp it," she said.

Tam said that young people in many other countries often take volunteer work just to gain experiences.

"Recently, I recognised that many young people have become more enthusiastic. They are not afraid of working far from home, and don't complain about initial salaries. For example, a young man I met during an interview last week, when I asked him if he would accept a job in our factory in Vinh Phuc Province, he immediately said Yes. I liked his enthusiastic manner and gave him a job."

If more young people had such enthusiastic and open minds, they would discover more job opportunities, she said. — VNS

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