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Teed Off (Nov 8, 2015)

Update: November, 08/2015 - 00:13

with Robert Bicknell

Tiger Woods former caddie Steve Williams just released a "tell-all" book in which he complained that Tiger's management company hung him out to dry, he felt betrayed by his friend, and that he felt like Tiger's "slave" at times.

So…let's dive straight into the matter, and start with "slave"…

According to Golf Magazine, "Williams said he often felt angry when Woods "would flippantly toss a club in the general direction of the bag, expecting me to go over and pick it up".

"I felt uneasy about bending down to pick up his discarded club - it was like I was his slave," he wrote. "The other thing that disgusted me was his habit of spitting at the hole if he missed a putt."

The guy is getting paid millions of dollars if his player wins and yet he quacks about having to pick up a club? Unbelievable. Look, there is a world of difference between Tiger Woods flipping his club toward the bag and a weekend hacker helicoptering his club down the fairway in a fit of rage, OK?

He flipped the club "towards" the bag, not hurled it 10 yards backwards, forwards or into the lake and then told the caddie to fetch it. Poor Steve, he felt indignant to bend over and pick up the club.

I think the only comment I have seen in recent years which equals that one was when Hank Haney cried like a little brat when Tiger didn't offer him a popsicle… which leads me to the next errant statement.

Hank Haney and Williams both made a simple error. They thought they were "friends with Tiger" whereas the actual truth is they were "employees" of Tiger Woods.

Tiger always approached golf as a business. He didn't play for fun. He played to win. They might have felt or imagined closeness with Tiger, but just like any corporation, when the employee failed to deliver results, they were given their walking papers.

Tiger was also known to have a hot temper, mostly aimed at himself. In this I can relate because I am the same way. I get pissed at myself, but not at my caddie (although they might erroneously feel otherwise, but when that happens, I make it clear I am not angry with them, but rather myself. While I'm at it, yes I have tossed a club or two… but I always pick it up myself and tell the caddie that. General rule: If I throw it, I pick it up).

I might be a hothead, but I am not a monster, and neither is Tiger Woods.

One of the most notorious club-throwers in history was Tommy Bolt. He was also one of the best shotmakers and I strongly doubt his caddie got all bent out of shape when he chucked a club down the fairway.

Bobby Jones, a legendary amateur golfer, and the man who created Augusta National, was also known to have a hot temper and threw the occasional club. His caddie never quacked about it.

SO why does Steve Williams, a caddie who made millions of dollars thanks to Tiger Woods feel he has the right to whine like a little girl about picking up an occasional club?

What makes someone like Hank Haney, who gained worldwide recognition because of his tenure as Tiger Woods' swing guru, write a tell-all book and complain bitterly about not being given a popsicle?

Money and fame. They had a touch of it and wanted more. They thought they should have received far more than they received.

Without Tiger, Hank Haney wouldn't have been nearly as well-known. Without Tiger, Steve Williams might have had success with another player, but would not have made nearly as much money.

Now, Steve Williams claimed to have gotten "thrown under the bus" by Woods' management team when they refused to issue a statement that Williams really had no knowledge of Tiger's philandering ways.

OK, there is some truth to this and Woods' excuse that if they exonerated Williams, they would have to exonerate more people and those who didn't make the list would be labeled as "enablers" or people who helped Tiger find new targets.

Sorry, but in this regard, Tiger should have exonerated Williams and those who did "enable" Woods should have been the ones thrown under the bus. — VNS

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