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Teed Off (Nov 30, 2014)

Update: December, 01/2014 - 15:32

with Robert Bicknell

Just got back from a weekend at The Bluffs GC in HoTram, where we were shooting a golf video for a local TV station. It's not as much fun as you think. There is a lot of sitting around waiting for cameras to be positioned, microphones checked and all the rest of it. Then you do the shot again and again. Most of them were pretty good, but they always want more…

Next time you see a golf video on YouTube or The Golf Channel, understand that they didn't do it on the first take… they shot and re-shot it quite a few times.

During the shoot, the pros demonstrated chipping, sand play, the full swing and, of course, etiquette. The last part was actually the most fun because we could do all the things we hate people doing on the course… Walking on someone's putting line, standing in the way and, my favorite…some dummy yakking into a phone while someone is trying to putt.

We tried to make it fun, so people would remember it, but it's also a serious issue. While some people might be used to it here in Viet Nam, if you go overseas to Europe or the US to play golf and you act like that, you could lose a lot of face when they throw you off the course.

While many like to use the excuse "This is Viet Nam", the game of golf has rules which apply no matter where in the world you play. This includes etiquette. So it's no enough just to know how to play the game, but also how to act like a golfer, instead of a guy who just plays golf.

Yes, there IS a difference and, trust me when I say, you'll enjoy "being a golfer" much more than just playing golf…

OK, so Tiger Woods has a new coach…wonderful.

You'd think by now Tiger Woods would know more about how to play golf than most people on the planet, but apparently, he doesn't believe in himself and needs someone to hold his hand.

Yeah, I know, that's a rotten thing to say.

Tiger's new coach believes that power is generated from the ground up. D-uh.

Many golf teachers use "force plates" which tell you exactly how much force is put on the feet at any given time in order to help students understand what they are doing.

But here's the funny thing…anyone who has ever played sports knows this simple fact. When you turn to the right, you are loading your weight onto the right foot, specifically the inside of the knee and the instep of the foot. Anyone who has ice skated is familiar with the "pushing off" action of the back leg. It's called "thrust".

Boxers, martial artists, tennis players, baseball players, etc., do it as well.

So, you don't simply "spin" your hips, you "drive" them by applying thrust from your back leg. Very simple and Tiger should know this instinctively, having played golf since he was three years old.

So I am actually of the opinion that he really doesn't "need" a coach at this point, but if he did, perhaps Butch Harmon, simply because he has a winning history with him and confidence is really what he needs.

On the other hand, the new coach might also be what Tiger needs, based on his proclivity for never being happy with his swing. Yet he should remember that golf is 80 per cent mental and only 20 per cent physical… so he might be paying too much attention to the 20 per cent…

Only time will tell.

Seems like Lydia Ko has hit the million dollar mark earlier than most with her recent win. I am wondering if there is a tie-in between golf and martial arts because the Chinese players seem to improve more rapidly than westerners. Granted, there are a lot of similarities between the two exercises, and Asian kids also seem to be able to focus more solidly than westerners…

But it makes you wonder if there is more to it. Either way, Asia seems to be the future of golf - especially the ladies, so only time will tell if they continue to improve, or hit a plateau.

The future sure will be interesting! — VNS

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