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Teed Off (Nov 23, 2014)

Update: November, 23/2014 - 22:35

with Robert Bicknell

Tiger Woods is rather pissed off at Dan Jenkin's after the latter posted a column in Golf Digest in which he held a fictional interview with Tiger Woods. It was clearly labeled fiction and was intended to be satire.

Tiger has always been known to be thin-skinned, especially with the media. In his pre-scandal days, he limited media interviews to specific issues, times and questions. Any of his staff or friends who spoke to the media about him without clearing it first, was shut out from his inner circle. Thus, the media always treated him with kid gloves because to be frozen out from Tiger Woods was tantamount to career suicide for a golf writer.

Thus, this fake interview was startling in and by itself. Obviously Jenkins had no interest in being close to Tiger…

In it, Jenkins alluded to Tiger's known habits of being a notoriously poor tipper (he seldom carried cash), his proclivity for firing people left and right, and his fixation for video games… among other things.

Tiger found none of it funny and hit the roof.

Back in my neck of the woods, a fistfight broke out at a club in Weston Massachusetts over someone wearing jeans into the clubhouse. The president of the club got into a shouting match with the offending guest, used profane language and resigned from his position a few days later.

Frank Bishop, former president of the PGA of America got into a twitter war with Ian Poulter after the latter wrote some disparaging remarks about Sir Nick Faldo and Tom Watson's Ryder Cup records. Bishop, called Poulter a "lil girl" for acting like that and, predictably, got sacked from the PGA of America before the week was out.

Patrick Reed, during the HSBC tournament, was overheard using what some would regard as "homophobic" remarks about himself. He also dropped the F-bomb a few times. Granted, he did not direct the slur at anyone else and the tournament organizer was foolish for putting mics on a bunch of Alpha Males in the heat of a competition, but that doesn't stop the PC Police from throwing a major fit and fixing to hoist Reed up by his own petard.

Not to be outdone, A UK man has been given a one-year ban from all Dundee (Scotland) golf clubs for a recent "lesbian comment" towards a new female bar staff employee. The accused claims he doesn't have a problem with homosexuals, and the conversation afterwards was "quite normal" and "happy go lucky".

But things got serious when police paid him a visit at 10pm that night and warned him about being charged with a hate crime. "I was told, 'You can be arrested for homophobia,'" he said.

OK, so in Europe, you can be arrested for what you think or feel? There must be more to it than that, but nowadays, who knows?

In the US, if you say something like "Thank you, dear", or "Excuse me sweetheart, but can I have another Coke?", you can be prosecuted for "sexual harassment".

I'm not joking. This is how ridiculous things have become.

For someone of my age (50's) speaking to someone much younger, those terms are quite normal and in no way infer sexual harassment. It's just a common term from our era.

You would think that the Rules of Golf would be clear and of common knowledge to most every golfer, but again, you'd be wrong.

Two men were charged with assault at Springfield Golf Course in South Union, Pennsylvania over a heated dispute over "casual water".

According to police, the two men, aged 63 and 42, got into an argument on the fifth hole when they came across "casual water" on the green. The younger man was unfamiliar with the rule, but asked his playing partners for help with a decision. On the sixth, the younger man apparently tried to use the rule himself for his ball in the fairway -- and the older man didn't like it.

Both men sustained minor injuries in the brawl that included the older man hitting the younger man with a golf club.


With all the insanity going on in the world, you would think that our own little world of golf would be a safe oasis from the lunacy, but it seems no place is safe. — VNS

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