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Teed Off (Sep 14, 2014)

Update: September, 14/2014 - 17:16

with Robert Bicknell

Run Billy Run!

After hitting his shot to the 18th green at the BMW, Billy Horschel took off like a bat out of hell for the portatoilet and who can really blame him. The tournament is a huge feather in his cap and, well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. It's as simple as that.

Much better to take a lateral off the course for relief than having to try and putt for the win with his knees locked together and his eyes crossed. Besides, with red pants, if Niagara Falls hits, it's gonna show up. The people at home with HD TV might never recover psychologically.

I think many amateur weekend golfers can sympathise with his plight, the only difference is that weekenders have the drink cart or kiosk with endless supplies of cold beer. I honestly don't think a single day has gone by without someone, somewhere, relieving himself on a tree or bush on a golf course.

Yes, I am referring to the golden arches, sprinkles from above and not the dreaded "free drop" although I have a sneaking suspicion that someone somewhere has probably done that as well because, well, when ya gotta go…

On a different note, bunkers are most golfer's worst nightmare, but what if there was a tournament that was only bunkers... or just one huge one… like a beach?

Well, wonder no more because the first Vietnam Beach Golf Classic was held on 31 August on the beautiful beach of Mui Ne Bay, between Coco Beach Resort and Blue Ocean Resort.

With five holes going out from Coco Beach Resort to Blue Ocean Resort and four holes returning to Coco Beach Resort, participants, both local and from Saigon took on the challenge of negotiating around umbrellas, incoming tide, sand crabs and, I'm sure, the various pick-up beach football games.

In two man teams, the idea was to hit a soft polyurethane ball into a variety of targets ranging from nets, large plastic bins or through two large windsurf boards with holes cut out.

Funny enough, the non-golfers sometimes fared better than the experienced players. I guess, ignorance is bliss, either than or the alcohol helped considerably when they took a break after thr first five holes at the ocean side restaurant at Blue Ocean Resort before tackling the four final holes back to Coco Beach Resort.

Sounds like fun.

Golfers, friends and family then relaxed at the Beach Bar at Coco Beach Resort with a few rounds of drinks swapping tales of their game before moving into Dany's Pub for the Awards Ceremony and after party.

David Wigglesworth and Emile Bay (the Coca Cola French Connection) were overall winners by one shot, narrowly beating the Bunker Rats and Xavier and Son teams, who tied as the runners up. The scoring from all teams was extremely close.

The event will return next year… so hit the beach and start practicing.

Now then, let's talk for a moment about Sergio Garcia making a snowman on the 71st hole of the BMW Championship.

Whenever he seems to be in contention to win a big one, he shoots himself in the foot. This time, 17th hole, he lays up, flies the green with a wedge, chips back into the water and walks off the green with an 8. Not since the movie Tin Cup has someone self-destructed so gloriously (OK, except for Jean van de Velde in the British Open, which was one bad decision after another after another after another… His caddie should have tackled him and slapped him around the head).

In the last Open Championship, Sergio was in the hunt until he has a massive brain fart in the bunker and took himself out of contention, but Sergio isn't the only one to choke. Goosen did it in the 2005 US Open, Scott Hoch did it in the 1989 Masters; Phil Mickelson in the 2006 US Open; Greg Norman in the 1996 Masters.

The problem is Sergio is his own worst enemy. He has tremendous skill, especially with his irons, but when it comes to Sunday and he's sniffing around the lead, expect a spectacular meltdown.

If ever there was a guy who needed sports psychologist Bob Rotella's help, Sergio is the guy.

Time for a tune up Sergio! — VNS

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