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Teed Off (Mar.17 2013)

Update: March, 15/2013 - 11:09

with Robert Bicknell

Well, there are free drops and free drops, but how about one where the player drops 18 feet down into a hole in the middle of the fairway? Yes, it happened to a player in St. Louis, Missouri, last week.

Apparently, the player, Mark Mihal, played a round with his friends and just hit his second shot on the 14th hole and then disappeared. Poof. Gone. The ground had caved in and Mark had fallen into the earth – 18 feet underground.

Mark landed in mud at the bottom of the sinkhole, which was approximately 10' wide, but lucky for everyone involved, Mihal suffered just a few bruises and a dislocated shoulder.

I just wonder if the lawyers will get into it as suing everyone seems to be all the rage in the US nowadays.

OK, onwards and upwards…

Tiger Woods won yet again and shows signs he is returning to form, but there are still a few flies in the ointment as far as his beating Jack Nicklaus's record for wins in majors.

Woods putter seems to be cooperating, which was a major problem for him during the last few years, but while his ball control seems better, he still occasionally loses it and he still doesn't have a "go-to" shot as yet. In the old days, he could rely on his "stinger", but to date, I have not seen hide nor hair of it.

During Tiger's heyday, he went for 142 events without missing the cut. He went for a ridiculously long period without putting up a bogey or worse.

But those days seem long ago, because no matter what he has won lately, he looked human doing it and therein lies the problem. He doesn't instill the same fear in his domestic competitors has he used to, so they will not roll over and play dead whenever he makes a charge, like in the old days.

He's gonna have to earn every win from this point forward.

This also means that golf tournaments will be a lot more fun to watch because we simply don't know if Tiger will hold the lead, get into contention or simply bomb out in the stretch.

Before, if Tiger had the lead after the third round and you really didn't have to bother watching the fourth round, unless you had a favourite player in there, because Tiger almost always won in those situations. It really was predictable and boring. The only reason I would tune in is if I wanted to see Mickelson choke like a dog, of if Jim Furyk was playing so I could giggle at his backswing.

Now, with so many younger talented players out there, many of which are not afraid of Tiger Woods, we can expect to see some really competitive golf, which seems better than the days of Tiger domination.

Will Tiger beat Jack's record in majors?

This is a lot harder to answer than it would seem simply because Tiger hasn't won a major since his comeback. Can he do it again is anyone's guess.

Tiger has an advantage of having "been there" many times, so he knows what to expect from the course set up, pressure which accompanies a major and ridiculous green speeds. But this advantage is also a two-edged sword because he doesn't have his confidence back either. So, while he knows what to expect, he has to ask himself if he can handle it.

Winning a normal Tour event is one thing, but winning a major is another animal altogether.

Only time will tell.

People have been asking me how the teaching is coming along and my answer would have to be "slowly". This is Viet Nam and nothing happens overnight, especially when you have to build up a list of clients. It takes time.

However, results from students have been very encouraging and the swing changes I have helped them make produced almost immediate results – better ball flight, increased control and, most importantly, lower scores.

For me, the best thing about teaching is watching the faces of the student when they "get it" and can finally hit the shot they always wanted to but couldn't pull off.

It's much more satisfying than booking tee times, screaming at superintendents and caddiemasters. That's for sure… — VNS

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