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Teed Off (08-07-2012)

Update: July, 10/2012 - 11:31

with Robert Bicknell

Well, I woke up a few days ago to a feeling of utter dread and despair. An overwhelming heaviness seemed to descend on me. I had nothing to look forward to and everything seemed bleak.

Yes, I had another birthday.

Hitting the big 5-4 (which, to make matters worse is 5-5 in Viet Nam) really makes you think and not in a good way. We all have to face our own mortality sooner or later, but in my case I'd prefer it to be never.

I have been actively battling the aging process by hitting the gym, lifting weights, eating better and sucking down every possible health supplement I can get my hands on. Yes, I also dye my hair. Funny enough it seems to be a different shade each time. Maybe next month I'll be a blonde. Somewhere there has to be a colour which makes me feel and look younger.

Grey is just too depressing.

Sadly, I also got word that a friend from high school passed away and we were the same age, so it makes you think about your own life, what you've done, where you think you should be and what the future looks like.

Personally, I don't like what I see, either forward or in the rear-view mirror. I gotta make some changes. I've always wanted a chopper, preferably a nice Harley but getting the holy "A2" license for a big bike in Viet Nam seems to be almost impossible nowadays. Why can't the government make exceptions for older guys who want to relive their childhood on a big bike. It's not like I'm looking to go drag racing on a crotch rocket or something. I just wanna cruise!

Anyone who can help in this matter, please contact me.

While the days click away, I must admit that the gym and supplements do help a bit because I went out for a fast nine holes with Rick Blackie (GM @ SGCCR) on the new nine at Twin Doves the day before my birthday and distance was NOT my problem.

The 600-yard uphill par 5 was a piece of cake. If I could putt, it would have been cake and ice cream, but the gym doesn't help putting. Maybe it's time for eye surgery? I've heard Lasik can do wonders. If nothing else, at least I can get back to normal sunglasses again.

Unlike the "Luna" course, the greens on the new "Sole" course are a bit less slopey and wild, so putting was a bit easier, but there was still enough movement in there to keep things interesting. Of course, coming from bent grass greens, it took me three holes just to be able to get within three putt range.

If you've played Twin Doves before, you're familiar with both the Luna and Stella courses. Well, the new Sole is like a perfect mix of both. Not too flat and not too crazy. It's just right.

Conditions were excellent on that day, but both Rick and I noticed a peculiarity mostly found on Peter Rousseau-designed courses… The practice greens are always sloped beyond belief. Is he trying to depress us before we get out there or is he trying to get us used to four putting?

I've always been taught that the practice greens should be pretty flat with only small movement so people can practice their stroke before the round. Who the heck wants to kill themselves on the practice green? Yes, I have mentioned this to Peter many times and in reply, he usually gave me a cookie and told me to go play in traffic.

Twin Doves clubhouse might just be the best in Viet Nam. OK, it IS the best in Viet Nam. Up to this point, Da Nang GC's clubhouse was the tops in my book, but Twin Doves locker room is simply huge. All full size lockers which are computer key controlled. Very nice.

If you've noticed, Tiger won two in a row making him the favourite for The Open Championship. It would seem like sheer stupidity to beet against him, but I still have my doubts.

Perhaps Padraig Harrington might be ready for a comeback?

Now then, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go find a loophole in the drivers license laws…. — VNS

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