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Teed Off (08-04-2012)

Update: April, 10/2012 - 17:28

with Robert Bicknell

Just a few notes on the Masters…

While a lot of people would love to see Tiger Woods win, I have a few lingering doubts. His game does show signs of his former brilliance, but it isn't steady.

Westwood came close once, while McIlroy is the latest hot gun on Tour. Mickelson can never be discounted and a dark horse could very well emerge from the pack over the weekend. In the Masters, nothing is certain.

Augusta National is a course which will expose your flaws for the whole world to see. If you don't have it together in one package, it's difficult to win there. Especially when going against all the other top guns who would sell their mother to have a green jacket hanging in their closets.

Speaking of wanting things we cannot have…

The Annual Norfolk Invitational Tournament makes local players crazy trying to get in, but this year, I believe they will be more anxious than ever before because the legendary Great White Shark, Greg Norman, will be prowling the fairways to meet and greet prospective SGCCR members and Reflection home owners.

For those living in a cave, SGCCR (Saigon Golf, Country Club and Residences) is the newest and definitely the hottest project to hit Viet Nam. Designed by Greg Norman, this is the first ultra-private club and "If you have to ask how much, you cannot afford it."

However, you can dream all you want. No charge. Feel free to indulge yourself to your heart's content. If you don't feel bad about never having an opportunity of becoming a member of Augusta National, then not being a member at SCGGR shouldn't bother you either.

Both clubs are a bit selective.

Norman has visited Viet Nam a few times already, but this time is a little bit special as, not only will he be on the course, he will be at the Gala awards dinner and even for a special breakfast presentation the next day.

The Norfolk Invitational is one of the longest running events in Viet Nam and always has the same problem year after year of turning people away. I often wonder if people truly understand the meaning of the word, "Invitational".

It means you have received an invitation from the organisers. You are an invited participant. You do not call up and say, "I want to play. I am an important person" because that simply doesn't fly. As the old saying goes, "If you have to tell everyone how important you are, you aren't" and the organisers know who is important to them, and who isn't.

This year, the tournament will kick off on April 14 at high noon on VGCC's West Course and there will be four AUDI's up for grabs for people who record a Hole-in-One on any of the Par 3's.

For the record, the Norfolk Invitational already saw an ace in one of their events years ago and the player walked away with a very nice automobile, so people actually DO win things from time to time.

Sadly, I've had seven H-I-O's in my life, but never when there was a car on the line. Perhaps it's destiny for me to be begging rides in Viet Nam for the rest of my life.

Greg Norman will be going around the course to meet prospective SGCCR members and Reflection buyers. After the tournament, the Shark will hold a 30 minute press conference before attending the gala awards dinner / auction at Shang Palace.

But the excitement doesn't end there.

On Sunday, April 15, there will be "Breakfast with The Great White Shark" at SGCCR site, a casual affair for selected invitees to share time with Norman, Alex Popov, and HBA designers to discuss all aspects of the Reflection by Greg Norman villas.

Invited guests (yes, that dreaded word "invited" rears its head once again) should arrive earlier as Greg Norman will do a walk around at 08:30 and the function proper starts at 09:15 with a couple of speeches and then presentations by the renowned Alex Popov and Hersh Bedner Associates (HBA) who have done the interior design.

It should be fun. — VNS

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