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Baked Moon Cake with Caramel Stuffing

Update: August, 17/2014 - 17:29

with executive sous chef Nguyen Thanh Van from Sofitel Legend Metropole Ha Noi

This week, let's learn how to make the traditional moon cake with a new flavour, caramel stuffed inside. The recipe is brought to you by chef Van.

Ingredients: serves 1

To make syrup:

  • 0.2kg brown sugar
  • 0.08l water
  • 0.5 unit lime
  • 0.01kg malt
  • Bring to boil water with brown sugar and few slices of lime, then add malt, continue to boil to thicken, then add lime juice, let cool down, keep resting for 3-4 days.

To make the dough:

  • 0.3kg wheat flour
  • 0.2kg syrup
  • 0.05kg salad oil
  • 1 unit egg yolk a little vanilla
  • 0.01kg baking powder
  • Mix together flour, syrup, baking powder, oil and egg yolk. Let rest for nearly 1 hour before use.

To make caramel stuffing:

  • 0.2kg brown sugar
  • 0.12kg whipping cream
  • 0.06kg sticky rice powder
  • 0.28kg green bean paste
  • 0.025kg chopped walnut
  • 0.08kg dry fig
  • 0.08kg confite orange skin
  • Heat sugar with a little water until it get caramel colour, add fresh cream, stir well, let cool down, mix with sticky rice powder, green bean paste, add walnut, fig and confite orange.


To make the cake:

  • Divide the caramel stuffing into small balls of 0.17kg/each.
  • Flatten each 0.08kg of dough and wrap the thin dough around the stuffing. Mould it in carved mould with model that you like, then turn over it on a baking tray, continue process until finish the ingredients. Bake in oven at 170oC for about 40 minutes.

The Metropole Ha Noi's homemade moon cakes have long been famed for their premium quality. Each creation is lovingly, naturally hand-baked and preservative free. Along with classic flavours, executive sous chef Van has created exciting new varieties such as caramel, walnut, fig and orange confit, durian, and pumpkin seed.

The mooncakes are available for order from 4th August to 8th September, 2014. Kindly contact Mrs. Le Minh Thu and her colleagues at +84 4 3826 6919 ext 8702 to place your order. The hotel is located at 15 Ngo Quyen St, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi.

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