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Scallops with saffron cream

Update: June, 30/2013 - 17:19

with Executive Chef Roberto Mancini from the Basilico Restaurant of Intercontinental Asiana Saigon

Scallops and saffron have a special affinity for each other. When you mix them together, you get outstanding flavour and striking colours. Chef Roberto introduces a very good Italian taste of scallops and saffron. He hopes you would create a fabulous experience for yourself.

Ingredients: serves 1

  • 3g scallop fresh
  • 20g courgette green fresh (Green zucchini)
  • 5g lemon grass fresh
  • 30g tomato concasse fresh
  • 0.5g saffron stems
  • 10g butter (Burro)
  • 0.2g sea salt (sale marino)
  • 10g arugola/rocket (Rughetta)
  • 10g garlic (Aglio)
  • 30ml cream (Panna)
  • 20ml fish stock (Brodo di pesce)
  • 10ml white wine (Vino Bianco)
  • 10g extra virgin olive oil (Oilio extra vergine di oliva)


  • Very quickly sautéed the Zucchini cut in strips and in the garlic flavoured extra virgin olive oil.
  • Grill the scallops to medium well.
  • Make a sauce out of the saffron with the butter, cream, stock and white wine.
  • Dry up at low temperature the scallop coral and reduce it to powder.
  • Arrange the saffron cream sauce on a plate. Put on top the grilled scallops then the Zucchini that should still not too soft, then top it with the arugola and garnish with the cubed tomato and lemon grass thinly sliced and on the side of the scallop coral powdered.
  • Decorate the dish as shown in the photo.

You can sample the dish at the Basilico Restaurant of Intercontinental Asiana Saigon, corner of Hai Ba Trung Street and Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, HCM City. Tel: (08) 3520 999.

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