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Seared pepper salmon salad

Update: June, 02/2013 - 16:03

with Executive Chef Nguyen Quoc Dung, from Corso Steakhouse & Bar of Norfolk Hotel.

People love eating salmon because it's rich in omega-3fatty acids, which may help protect you against heart disease and many other diseases conditions including Alzeheimer's disease and stroke. Salmon is not only healthy but extremely versatile as the dish's recipe collection in different styles proves.

Chef Dung recommends you salmon fillet used with salad and sauce of artichoke flower.

Ingredients: serves 1

  • 100g salmon fillet
  • 5g chopped parsley
  • 15g asparagus
  • 100g artichoke flower soaked in oil
  • 5ml vinegar
  • 1/6 chopped bulb of onion
  • 20g parmesan cheese
  • 20ml olive oil
  • 5g minced basil leaf
  • 20g radish sprouts
  • 5g ground ginger
  • Crushed black pepper
  • 10g chopped black olive
  • 2 tomatoes
  • White wine, sugar and minced garlic to taste


  • Season salmon fillet with mustard, ground ginger, black pepper, and pan-fry with olive oil until it gets brown.
  • Cook sugar, vinegar, white wine together until the liquid remains 1/3.
  • Add salt, pepper, chopped onion & olive, olive oil, and mix well.
  • Cut artichoke flower into 4 parts, then mix them with the sauce.
  • Peel and seed tomatoes, then cut in 2 parts. A half of the tomatoes the base and dice the rest. Mix all with olive oil, garlic, and chopped parsley.
  • Arrange as shown in the photo.

You can sample the dish at Corso Steakhouse & Bar, ground floor of Norfolk Hotel, 117 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCM City, Tel: (08)3829 5368- Ext: 6614./.VNS

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