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Kaleidoscope (Feb 21, 2016)

Update: February, 21/2016 - 03:21

by Van Dat

Former soldier offers free classes for students with disabilities

Nguyen Huong, 63, a former soldier in Quang Ngai Province, lost his right hand in the war but that did not deter him from entering the teaching profession. Today, he holds classes for students who also have disabilities.

"Frankly, I have a strange feeling when teaching the children," Huong said. "I have feelings toward them because they are also disabled like me. Sometimes, when I get tired, I want to quit. But when I see them being studious, I have more energy to continue."

The free class, held in Tinh Tho Commune in Quang Ngai Province's Son Tinh District, includes 15 students and 18 volunteer teachers.

All of the teachers served in the war and later became professional teachers in civilian life.

The books and materials used for the class, which is held in an old primary school, were all donated.

The youngest student is aged 10 and the oldest 43.

Members of the Tinh Tho Commune's Former Teachers Association, which organised the class, spent six months speaking to parents about the class, encouraging them to enroll their children.

Nguyen Thi Huong, whose child studies in the class, said her 43-year-old son, who has Down Syndrome, became more clever after participating in the class.

Library under the trees a big hit with high school students

Teacher Nguyen Quoc Tuong found a way to make the third-floor library at the newly built Vinh Thanh High School in Ben Tre Province's Cho Lach District appealing at a time when most students refused to go because it was too hot.

Tuong began to plant trees before the school was built, and by the time it opened, the trees were tall enough to give shade in the schoolyard.

He said he was inspired after seeing several gardeners in Cho Lach District build shelters from trees.

At the time, he told other teachers about his idea, but they did not support him. So, he took out a loan with interest, much to the surprise of everyone.

He bought benches, a television and a DVD player for the outdoor library

Today, when the bell rings at end of class, students rush to the "green" library. They have also donated flowers and trees for the space, which is always crowded with students.

Meanwhile, Tuong could not sleep well, thinking about his debt.

Fortunately, some patrons saw the library's effectiveness and donated money to help him clear the debt. They also contributed more money to expand the library.

Four years since it opened, the library is still full of students. It is no longer just a place for reading, but also a site for students to learn in groups. — VNS

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