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Kaleidoscope (12-01-2014)

Update: January, 12/2014 - 16:22

by Trung Hieu and Van Dat

From condom to Guinness

Using 25,000 condoms to make a collection, Nguyen Minh Tuan, 26, student at the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University in HCM City, has made his name in the Vietnamese Guinness Book of Records.

The fashion collection, which is made entirely of condoms, is called the Condom Fashion Mix, and includes an ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) made of 4,000 condoms.

The collection developed from Tuan's thesis in 2011, the Condom Project, aimed at popularizing condoms with the slogan "It is natural, live, love, and be happy".

In the first year of the project he made a dress from 700 condoms, the second year another dress but this time using 2,000 condoms.

Last year, which was also the final year of the project, Tuan went one step further and made a collection using 25,000 condoms.

The collection went public at the Runway Condom Fashion Show 2013 in Viet Nam, which took place in the city's downtown at the end of November.

The runner-up of Viet Nam's Next Top Model 2011, Tra My, who took to the catwalk in the special ao dai said: "This is a daring idea."

Actress Kim Hien who was also a model for the collection said: "The dress made of condoms is really special. The campaign has a meaningful purpose behind it, and is highlighing the issue of safe sex."

Tuan said he will carry out a safe sex campaign later this year.

"I want to talk about sensitive matters in the most interesting and creative way possible."

Sharing eyes and legs

A special friendship has blossomed in the dormitory of the National University in HCM City - a sightless student has teamed up with a student with two paralysed legs.

Nguyen Thanh Ty of the University of Information Technology and Nguyen Quang Nhi of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, have become each others' eyes and legs, to make daily activities and studying easier.

Students who pass by their room on the ground floor of the A2 building, can usually hear the voice of Ty directing Nhi to do certain things. And vice versa, each day, Nhi pulls the wheelchair to take Ty to go to have lunch at the canteen, while Ty is the eyes for his friend and helps him choose his food.

Sometimes, Ty pulls the wheelchair to take iced tea and extra rice for both of them.

Every afternoon at the weekends, Nhi pulls the wheelchair, under the direction of Ty, around the dormitory, or to the night market at Thu Duc District's university village.

Born in the central highland province of Dak Lak, Ty has older parents, so his education is supported by his older siblings.

Meanwhile, Nhi, whose home town is Ha Tinh, has a less fortunate family and so he has to work as a tutor after school to help fund his studies.

They were first introduced to each other by some girls in the dormitory who thought they would be good companions for each other - and they were right.

Notarising the end of an affair

Notarizing copies of family record books, certificates of land ownership, and other documents are normal administrative formalities. But a notary's public office in the highland city of Pleiku (Gia Lai Province) has received an unusual request: an order to notarize the end of a love affair.

The wife of a couple, who were married for a long time, had a love affair with another man, behind her husband's back.

One day in the middle of September last year, the husband came home from work unannounced due to an illness, and found the man in his house.

Despite his anger, the husband accepted the man's apology when he promised to stop the affair.

In his letter of apology, the man confessed that the affair had been going on for some years. However, he vowed to terminate the affair immediately, and promise to end all communcation with the wife - including SMS messages and phonecalls.

He also offered VND10 million to the husband, by way of compensation for the hurt he had caused.

The man also assured the husband that the petition was written in good faith and that he genuinely wanted to make amends.

Afraid of the rumous that circulate in a small hamlet, the husband decided to bring the petition to the city.

"I do not want to make a lot of fuss over this, but I am afraid of being considered as extortioner and blackmailer for accepting the compensation," the husband said. He added that he wanted the government to verify the apology.

However the notary at the public office said "The Government could not notarize behavior that does not belong to any law."

So the husband decided to made copies of the petition as proof of the adulterer's promise, and keep the copies at home.

"This is a very important proof," the husband said. — VNS

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