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Update: October, 20/2013 - 17:23

by Gia Loc

Mourners fight pain and rain to honour late General Giap

Three young men braved inclement weather on a 1,300-kilometre journey to take bags of soil for people to throw on the burial ground of the late General Vo Nguyen Giap last week.

The legendary general was buried in the area of Vung Chua-Yen Island in his home province of Quang Binh on October 13, nine days after he died.

Bui Kien Quoc, 23, of the Green Future Charity Group, said the group collected soil from several heroes' cemeteries in the provinces of Quang Tri, Khanh Hoa and other areas seriously damaged by war.

Although one of the young men had a high temperature, he did not give up. The three men, who are natives of Quang Binh, travelled from HCM City to the burial ground, arriving on the day the general's coffin was brought home.

Feeling like a third wheel when meeting the in-laws

It's not every day you see three-wheeled motorbikes adorned with pink balloons plying the roads of HCM City. The standard way to get to a wedding party or bring the bride to the groom's house is by car, not by a motobike.

But these bikes are special. They are owned by the Disability Research and Capacity Development Centre, which offered them to Duong Dinh Thao Phuong and Tran Minh Tri who were married recently.

Tri and Phuong, who are disabled, were married after seven years of enduring harsh judgements from friends and family.

Tri said that he fell in love with Phuong after hearing a radio programme on which she expressed her feelings about being disabled.

Tri made every effort to contact her and they finally met after several years apart. He made sure that she trusted him and she agreed to his marriage proposal.

Good samaritan offers free ambulance services

Whenever and wherever there are emergency calls, Huynh Van Nhieu, known as Ba Nhieu, dashes to the scene driving his ambulance.

Known for his services in his native Hoc Mon District, he also serves the districts of Cu Chi and 12 and Binh Duong Province.

Nhieu says he is motivated to help traffic accident victims as he has seen many children die because they arrived at the hospital too late.

"I was obsessed by this and I wanted to take action. Finally, I talked with my wife and said I would buy a secondhand car to transfer victims of accidents or patients with an emergency situation to the hospital. My wife agreed with me," he said.

Over the last 20 years, Ba Nhieu has missed New Year's Eve activities because he was often busy taking people to the hospital.

"There are so many accidents on New Year's Eve," he said, adding that his telephone is on 24 hours a day.

Nguyen Van Tai of Nhi Binh Commune says that his leg was saved because of Nhieu's timely intervention. Nhieu also gave Tai some money to help with the surgery.

"The family owes Ba Nhieu a favour forever," Tai's wife said. Other residents in his commune say that the 59-year-old man has given rice and money to them when they needed help.

Following his model, his two sons also are now picking up people in Nhieu's ambulance and taking them to the hospital. — VNS

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