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Kaleidoscope (19-02-2012)

Update: February, 21/2012 - 10:29

by Phuong Mai

What do Vietnamese men and women look for in love?

Did you fall in love at first sight? How old were you when you first fell in love? If you are still looking for your soul-mate, are you looking for someone who is rich and good-looking, or smart and funny?

Major research company Cimigo Viet Nam did an online poll of 500 people around the country to find out about love and romance, and released the Love Report on Valentine's Day, February 14.

One third of Vietnamese believe in love at first sight, but 56 per cent think it does not last for long.

They are equally divided over whether love is fate or chance.

People mostly found their first love in their late-teens or early twenties, and both men and women mostly want to get married in their late twenties.

Women are looking for partners who are smart and settled down, while men want smart and funny women.

Surprisingly in a modern society, a quarter of men still think obedience is a basic requirement for their marriage.

Vietnamese are becoming increasingly open, with both men and women saying it is OK to have a large difference in age with their soul-mate or marry a foreigner.

Nguyen Thanh Tuan of Bien Hoa says after reading the report he knows more about love and will soon "begin a search for my soul-mate."

City's Department of Publicity teaches women self-defence

Nguyen Thi Bich Van, a HCM City factory worker, used to be scared whenever she had to go home late after work.

But no longer.

Not after she became one of 100 women in Tan Phu District – where she works for the Thien Phuc Printing Company – to be taught martial arts and self-defence by the local Labour Federation.

"Self-defence courses are very useful and necessary, especially for women," she says.

Vo Thi Tuyet Loan, vice chairwoman of the federation's Department of Publicity and Training, says the situation in the district is tricky since it has thousands of migrants, especially in Son Ky and Tay Thanh wards.

Many women have been attacked, robbed, and even sexually assaulted after dark, and the course is aimed at addressing this problem, she explains.

The federation has organised two three-day courses at the local Workers' Cultural House.

But the organisers are worried that women workers from the Tan Binh Industrial Park have not come yet.

Of the thousands at the industrial park, only 20 have come, Loan says.

The federation is now working with the industrial park authorities to organise the course right at the workplace.

It plans to train housewives next to defend themselves against domestic violence, she says. — VNS

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