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Kaleidoscope (05-02-2012)

Update: February, 06/2012 - 19:13

by Thu Anh

She said yes, 50 years later

When he was 30, Ro Cham Kheo fell in love with En, the most beautiful girl in his village.

However, his love was unrequited. She married another man, had children, and he went on to marry another woman and have a family of his own.

Her husband died during the war and his wife died five years ago. Three years after her death, Kheo decided to propose to the love of his life. Three times he went to her house with the requisite gifts of meat and wine, and all three times he was rejected.

Dejected, Kheo took to the bottle, day and night. He even refused to take part in any of the village festivities.

Fate intervened in the form of Quach Trong Hoan, a friend of En's departed husband, who decided to do some matchmaking of his own. After visiting both houses, Hoan and other people brought presents to En's house and obtained her assent.

Kheo was getting drunk as usual when Hoan and others told him that En had finally agreed to marry him, and asked him to prepare for the wedding.

The wedding was celebrated early this year in Chu Pah District, Gia Lai Province. Kheo, young at 80 and En, bashful at 64, are both members of the J'Rai ethnic minority.

The shy bride would not say a word when she was asked why she had rejected Kheo earlier and accepted him now.

Kheo had no words to describe his happiness, but said he would stop drinking.

Stuck in his teens

Le Ha Do, a resident of Da Teh District in Lam Dong Province, is just like any other 14 or 15 year old in the neighbourhood. He hangs out with his peers, goes fishing, breeds fighting cocks and catches birds.

There is one difference, though. Do is 33 years old, as his identity card attests. He was born in 1979, the second of his mother Ho Thi Be Nam's seven children.

Nam says he was normal like other children at birth, but when he was around nine or ten years old, she noticed that he was not growing like others.

According to the Da Teh District's Healthcare Centre, Do's height is 145cm and he weighs 37 kilograms.

Do's younger brother Le Ha Vu, 31 years old, says Do mostly behaves like a teenager, but smokes and drinks like an adult. — VNS

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