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Young singer records major successes

Update: September, 28/2014 - 21:28

Pop sensation Tia Hai Chau talks with Thu Trang about her singing career, musical choices and new contract with Universal. Tia Hai Chau won in The Winner Is Viet Nam 2013 contest at the age of 21. She is also the first Vietnamese singer to sign a contract with Universal Music Group, the world's leading music company, with fully owned operations or licensees in more than 70 countries.

Inner Sanctum: Can you say something about the music video Out of Control, which is your first musical work? Why is it an English song and not a Vietnamese song? What are your hopes for this?

Because it is my first musical work, I love it so much. Out of Control's debut marked the moment I joined hands with Universal. The song was written by musician Duong Khac Linh based on my life, thoughts and desires. In my life, I always want to overcome challenges to find the light, so it's a meaningful song to me.

I didn't hope the song will become a musical phenomenon. I only hoped that it would be warmly accepted, and my hope came true.

Choosing an English song or a Vietnamese song for the first music video is not an important thing because I have a long path to strive for in the future.

Inner Sanctum: As the first Vietnamese singer to sign a contract with Universal, do you feel any pressure or have any difficulties? How did Universal and domestic companies help you in your work?

Universal does not create any pressure or difficulty for me. On the contrary, it lets me choose songs freely based on my personality, and it respects my choice.

Universal has brought me a number of sponsoring contracts. It is great luck for me because I'm not a rich lady, so sponsoring is a valuable help.

Recently, I became the representative face of the NYDC Vietnam trademark. I'm very happy because I'm a new singer and have not had many musical works. It is also a motivating factor for me to try to do more in the future.

At present, I feel full of energy to make more musical works which are closer to the hearts of the Vietnamese youth.

Inner Sanctum: After Out of Control, what is your next plan?

I will introduce a music video which I myself composed. The video is about love, and I composed it a long time ago but until now, I've had no occasion to show it.

I will also continue to improve my ability so that I will not miss any opportunity.

Inner Sanctum: Being a young singer, what do you want your image and style to be?

A young and self-motivated singer who really loves her job. That's the image which I want to show on the long path of my career.

Honesty, striving and passion are the factors which help me become different from other singers.

Inner Sanctum: What is your advice to other young singers who want to succeed in the music business?

Having a different style will be the key for a successful artist. I hope that young artists will always love their career and always be creative to be able to bring new things to audiences. — VNS

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